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Uniju Holiday Theater

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Uniju Holiday Theater(often stylized with British-style spelling as Uniju Holiday Theatre) is a comic by Uniju about his adventures on holidays and special occasions. The series started as a single special for Halloween 2008 titled "Uniju's Horrible Halloween of Horror", but due to its popularity became a series and is now Userpedia's longest running comic time-wise, if one of its shorter running issue-wise, with only two or three issues a year.

Recurring themes in the series include the abstract concept of the spirit of holidays and heavy GIMP filters reminiscent of becoming intoxicated on holidays.

The comic was officially funded by Tabuuownsall132 for a time, during which on February 19, 2013, a spinoff series known as Three Letter Acronym launched. It is now taxpayer funded.

Recurring Characters

Uniju and DarkHero Sonic appear in every issue. Characters in the following table are arranged in order of their first appearance, from left to right.

Snack Porplemontage Rudnicki TFP Crocodile Dippy Toadbert Bill RedFire Mario 2257 Puddin Anton Evil Uniju Tabuu Turboo
Halloween 2008
Christmas 2008
4th of July 2009
Halloween 2009
Greenery Day 2010 ✓*
Halloween 2010 ✓*
ABRD 2011
Christmas 2011 ✓*
Halloween 2012
Valentines Day 2013
Halloween 2013 ✓* ✓*
Christmas 2013
Halloween 2014
St. Patrick's Day 2015
U10 2015 ✓*
F15 2016
  • Cameo or implied role

In addition to these characters, the following have had major roles in only one issue:

  • Sadaharu in Halloween 2008
  • An unnamed masked villain in Christmas 2008
  • Santa Claus in Christmas 2008
  • Master Lucario in 4th of July 2009
  • Shyguy27 in Halloween 2009
  • Alternate universe Snack in Christmas 2011
  • Travis' cousin Trevor in Valentines Day 2013
  • White Mage in St. Patrick's Day 2015
  • Shaggy in U10 2015













  • The character of Uniju's secretary referenced at the beginning of Halloween 2008 was originally a main character of Uniju's 2008 awards presentations(now lost due to Uniju's original forum account having been deleted, and with it all of his posts), who assisted Uniju in solving mysteries and was obsessed with pesto sauce, many jars of which can still be seen today in Uniju's basement.
  • The sprite used for the character of Alternate Universe Snack was created by Toadbert as a prototype for Snack's character before he settled on the simpler Ninji recolor he uses today.
  • Christmas 2011 was originally Halloween 2011 but had to be reworked due to Uniju's power being knocked out over Halloween that year due to a snow storm.