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Mr. Edo

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By the way, I'll make it a general rule now that for every artwork I draw of a MarioWiki user ever, you can automatically take my permission to put it on Userpedia for granted (unless noted otherwise).

Mr. Edo, The Xephyr Board

The Edo
Rank Wiki Patroller
Wiki Sysop
Free Spirit
Species Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon
Allies all the peoples in the world
Theme(s) I wanna be the laziest,
like no one was before.
Don't wanna do hard working stuff,
just lie down on the floor.

I will travel not very far,
searching for a bite
of cheese 'n mac, to understand,
if they're better cooked or fried.

will you just come on??

I know you like to lurk...
But come on move your ass, you jerk!
ohhh, we want things drawn,
but then all you do is yawn.

nooo, don't lie down again,
you're so lazy it's such a pain!

Please draw stuff,
you don't do enough!

please just cease your buts,
and then draw our butts!

Aliases Gabumon,
Kyouko Kirigiri,
Calluu (only by MCD)
Score 2+

Mr. Edo, mostly referred to by his nickname Edo, but also occasionally known as Gabumon, Hitokage, Charmander, Kibago, gallowsCalibrator, or Gabbyman, is a German user and a former sysop, former chat operator, former 'Shroom core staff member, former awards committee member, former poll committee member, former basically-everything-but-forum-moderator. He joined the community in August 2009, first wiki, then forum, then chat, and acquired (and quit) a bunch of leading staff positions between then and now.

However, nobody really cares about any of that, and most people just know him as the guy who sometimes draws stuff. Which is perfectly fine because that's basically what he is.

The tale of Mr. Edo and the Super Mario Wiki

This is the true story of Mr. Edo's rise to glory and fall to obscurity within Mariowiki history.

A contract written in blood and fear

Once upon a time, the 6th of August in 2009 to be exact, Mr. Edo was frolicking in the autumn mist of a land called world wide web. It was actually summer, and computer networks don't usually have such weather phenomena, but the internet is kind of weird, so there was autumn mist regardless. During his stroll he came across a peculiar creature, as well as a bunch of raving madmen worshipping it. "Weegee!", they shouted in unison while bowing down to ground level and rising up again, "Weegee! Weegee! His stare is eternal but don't let him near your children!"

Perplexed and highly disturbed by this display, the image of the creature haunted and intrigued Mr. Edo. Though he did not understand what this "Weegee" was about, he suspected it was related to Luigi of the Mario series and that information on it could be uncovered if one were to examine the source.

So Mr. Edo decided to seek out the local Mario-themed library. There he met the very scary wiki matriarch, residing proudly upon her golden throne. Or at least Mr. Edo thought it was golden. It was hard to tell where the throne started under the thick crust of blood from her former victims, the mangled bodies of which were strung up on the walls in a sick display, arranged in a manner that made the corpses spell out "DO NOT VANDALIZE OUR PROPERTY, LEST THIS SENTENCE GETS ANY LONGER THAN IT HAS TO".

Mr. Edo was greatly frightened by this ghastly image, but the library was dimly lit and he was fortunate to wear black pants, so nobody noticed. Gathering all of his courage he vanquished the trembling of his voice and proclaimed loudly: "Great and powerful Walkazo, Queen of all that is Mario information, I have sought you out from afar because I require to know what the crap Weegee is supposed to be!"

"Weegee, eh?", the draconian lady monstrosity said, because besides being scary she also happened to be Canadian. "I will grant you the knowledge you seek, may or may it not satisfy your insignificant curiousity. Know this, though!", and while uttering the last sentence, she leaned forward and looked Mr. Edo directly in the eyes, assuming an expression that again made Mr. Edo appreciate his choice of leg garments, "You will go straight to section M-1 where you will find a book called Mario is Missing!. Do not turn around, not even once. Do not touch another book. Read only what I have allowed you to read. Otherwise..."

"O-otherwise?", Mr. Edo inquired fearlessly.

"Otherwise yo ass is mine, bitch!"


Heeding the warning of Walkazo, Mr. Edo did not look at anything but the floor on his way to section M-1. Though how he knew which section was the right one without actually looking at the section signs was a mystery. It was as if an invisible force was redirecting him directly towards where he needed to go. Probably the librarian's black Koopa magic, because not only was she scary and Canadian, she was also a Dragon-Koopa.

Mr. Edo was lost in thought, but not for long, because he bumped into a bookshelf and the book he was looking for fell into his hands. It was a joyous occasion. But upon reading the small, unassuming book titled Mario is Missing!, Mr. Edo's euphoria soon turned into disappointment. "Weegee just redirects to this, but there is no information about Weegee to find in here!", he exclaimed angrily, "I came here for nothing! This whole library is nothing but a big dump!"

Shaking with anger over a silly thing that upset him on the internet, Mr. Edo proceeded to walk back to the library's main hall, muttering about "Stupid useless information" while doing so. On his way he read several of the other books and even fixed typos he found in them. He worked through all of the various sections, until grinding to a halt reaching W, where he found a glaring gap of material. "Figures, they don't even have anything on the levels of Wario Land 2", he thought to himself, his mind struck with disbelief because Wario Land 2 is a fantastic game, and the fact that nothing about it is represented in Super Smash Bros. is a travesty.

Mr. Edo's medium-defying fanboy rant was interrupted by a loud noise behind him. A very, very loud and recklessly overpunctuating noise. "AHA!!!!!?!!!!", exclaimed one of the library's peace-keepers, doing a very bad job at keeping any actual peace, "Youuuuu have violated the sanctity of our library with your illicit editing!!! And you defied the will of the Walkazo!!!! Now yo ass is hers, bitch!!!"

And with that Mr. Edo was brought before the wiki matriarch once more, who now was not only scary, Canadian, and a Dragon-Koopa, but also angry.

"This lout has committed grievous crimes against you by adding illicit information to our library!!!!?!.", Tucayo barked, like some sort of... angry chihuahua.
"This is a lie!", protested Mr. Edo, "I just wrote a new entry for Wario Land 2, and everything I added is true and researched!"
"Yeah!!! Buuuuuut, he didn't capitalize the title!!!!!!"
"It's not capitalized in the game though!", explained Mr. Edo, and he showed them a screenshot of Wario Land 2 which he conveniently had on his person at the time, which makes no sense.

Walkazo's frown turned upside down, and it dawned on everyone that this, in fact, made her even scarier. "Mr. Edo", the demonic-looking fiend said, "I am quite sure I told you not to touch any of my precious books besides the one I laid out for you. I am afraid... I will have to ask you to stay with us now... forever!"

From a shadowy corner behind her emerged another figure, and with a swift and precise movement that left no time to react, he forced a rag against Mr. Edo's nose, and the fumes from it made his vision fade to black. Or at least that is what would have happened, if the shadowy figure hadn't turned out to be way too short to even reach Mr. Edo's knees. Instead he required Tucayo to lift him up and walk him over to Mr. Edo to do the job, but for the sake of making this scene very scary and ominous, we will omit this fact and pretend it all happened very fast.

When Mr. Edo came to again, he was no longer himself. His soul had been changed. He was now... Patroller.

The matriarch's minion

After having successfully been assimilated by the wiki staff, Mr. Edo was now forced to adhere to library protocol, serve the establishment's guardian deity, and give his life for the protection and glory of the Mario Wiki if necessary or really really funny. He became friends with Tucayo, who he had already met, Super Mario Bros., who went nuts for a while but then came back, and Cobold, who was also German and whom Mr. Edo helped come to terms with his identity as a weird blue cloud thing. For a while he and the former two formed some sort of patrolling trinity, calling themselves the "Servants of Darkness" and referring to Porplemontage as their fiendlord.

However, despite that Mr. Edo never forgot that his behind now belonged to Walkazo, and so he became her apprentice. In time he started looking up to Walkazo as his great wiki role model, which upon closer inspection might be a case of severe stockholm syndrome. The dynamic between the two was that of a well-oiled machine. He agreed with everything she said and she agreed with everything he said, in nine cases out of ten, without them having discussed the matter beforehand. Their collaboration was as efficient as it was terrifying. It was also boring because we're talking about a wiki colleagueship here, but that doesn't sound as fancy.

Following in Walkazo's footsteps like some sort of puppy, but with administrative powers instead of poor bathroom etiquette, Mr. Edo swiftly grew into the role of a full-fledged admin himself. His life was prestigious. He made powerful friends. He made numerous enemies. He even had a secret affair with the library janitor. His reign was so ever-present, he was made a Sysop, and eventually he himself came to be almost as feared as his teacher.

The minion gets a minion

Walkazo's and Edo's campaign to instill fear in the hearts of the peasants in the name of library order continued. But one fateful day, the latter was approached by a filthy little creature, covered in sand. He introduced himself as Count Bonsula, even though everyone could see he was a Marowak. Or well... Cubone I guess. But Mr. Edo called him Marowak anyways. Marowak was one of the newest victims that got trapped within the wikis inescapable bowels, and as such he did not know how to come to terms with his new life as a slave of Mario information.

And so Mr. Edo came to raise Marowak, just as Walkazo had raised him before. Alongside Marowak, Edo made the acquaintances of a lot of (at that time) newer members, some of which he caught glimpses before, but never talked to them personally. These users included Ruai, MrConcreteDonkey, Smasher, and Aldo. He grew so fond of them he even forgot to instill fear in their hearts properly.

With Mr. Edo spending most of his time hanging out and talking about nonsense, the times in between his and his teacher's individual terror sprees grew larger and larger, until eventually Walkazo was forced to go about razing the lawless lands solo again.

End and exodus

Through long-lasting exposure to the world outside wiki politics and spending your entire afternoon formatting articles about Mario's hat, Mr. Edo soon completely abandoned all of the wiki staff's virtues. He had found new salvation, not in Porplemontage, but in the true savior, Poochy. And with that salvation came the reborn desire to reclaim his life outside the library, alongside the lives of his newfound apprentice, his janitor spouse, and their common friends.

With these feelings of righteousness and compassion in his heart, he confronted his former teacher. Walkazo was still angry, and Canadian, and a Dragon-Koopa, but now she wasn't scary anymore. With Mr. Edo long since having become a master like her, with his own minion even, their power was now equal, and so Mr. Edo, with the utmost confidence, exclaimed:

"Let my people go!"

Of course she didn't, which should come as no surprise to anyone because Walkazo is kind of mean like that. This naturally meant it didn't surprise Mr. Edo either, for he had come prepared for the inevitable. In response to the dragon fiend's defiance, Mr. Edo conjured several plagues. Public consensus on them was that, while Edo's conjurations were well-executed and showed great promise, they ultimately failed because he was too lazy to update them regularly.

So all that didn't do shit, and even Mr. Edo turning his staff into a snake and throwing it at Walkazo didn't work because Walkazo really likes reptiles and just adopted it as a pet. It was very silly and anti-climactic. With both of them being avid fiction writers in their own ways, they just weren't satisfied with this lame conclusion to their rivalry-friendship. So somehow they ended up fighting their final deciding match on top of an erupting volcano.

The ensuing battle was glorious and unlike anything anyone had ever seen or ever would get to see. With both Walkazo and Edo having all of their stats maxed, their struggle was of such an otherworldly magnitude, it broke apart the entire world and it had to be remade afterwards (as a less violent incarnation, so this would never happen again). The fight seemed to last for years. Maybe it even did, I don't know, I am bad with time. Anyway, the point is that neither of them seemed to give an inch and it took long enough for everyone to escape from the library. Everyone but Mr. Edo, because eventually Walkazo gained the upper hand by stabbing him with a Knife.

But as Mr. Edo was on the verge of falling to his fiery demise, he decided he would not go alone. He grabbed Walkazo by her fancy arm bling, which why did she even wear that? Everyone knows you don't put on excessive jewelry when you're about to fight a battle to the death, but I guess nobody told her, and maybe she's just vain like that. Oh well, you know how dragons are. Anyway, what matters is that Edo dragged her down with him, and they both fell into the volcano. In hindsight this was a foregone conclusion, because volcanoes kind of have the tendency to be deadly like that.

Luckily for the dragon lady, the volcano was coded in HTML, and so her wiki editing expertise allowed her to let herself be resurrected, and she emerged from the fire as a blazing demon of the apocalypse. Mr. Edo had long forgotten how to wiki, and so, even though he bought enough time for his peers to escape and resume their normal lives, he died lonely and forgotten.

Then a couple weeks later he joined the 'Shroom.

The tale of Mr. Edo and the Super Mario Wiki, but lame

Joining the wiki

Mr. Edo found the Super Mario Wiki by coincidence while searching the Internet for information about Weegee. Investigating further on the site, he found out that "Weegee" redirected to "Mario is Missing!", but didn't really explain why at that time. But since the Mario series was a huge part of his childhood, he decided to check the wiki out for more information about Mario games. He finally joined the wiki at 16:29, 6 August 2009.

Wiki career

How Stooben Rooben informed Edo of his sudden promotion. The image is with a chance of 46% based on real events, which means that it undoubtedly happened like this. Really!

Starting with minor edits and correcting typos, Edo's first wiki project was to create articles for all 51 levels in Wario Land II. During that time he made the acquaintances of Tucayo and Walkazo. While he originally planned to finish the project and then become inactive again, he ultimately decided to stick around editing the wiki because Walkazo asked him to. A little later, at 20:22, 16 September 2009, he was promoted to Patroller by Stooben Rooben. After becoming a fully integrated member of the Super Mario Wiki, he was then even further promoted to Sysop by Time Q, at 20:14, 13 December 2009. He kept this position for a good while until he resigned later, alongside 2257 and Stooben Rooben.

Userpedia projects

Mariowiki Super Unicorn Snowflake Fairy Sugar Ichigo Kawaii series

The moronically named Mariowiki Kawaii series is Edo's personal art gallery where he dumps pretty much anything he draws that somehow relates to the MarioWiki.

Spirit Lies

Date of involvement    August 2, 2010
Status cancelled

Spirit Lies was a game originally developed by Stooben Rooben. After the founding of Agonizing Masterpiece Productions, Edo participated in developing the game as well. He produced a huge amount of art for the game and also held an advisory role, until the game exploded.

Bodacious Legends of Ambiguous Hilarity

Date of creation    September 11, 2010
Status cancelled

Often abbreviated to just BLAH, this was Edo's first noteworthy attempt at making a comic about the MarioWiki. The high point of this project is a complete four page prologue about the creation of the MarioWiki. The comic was ultimately put on ice for its poor handling of sensitive matters, partly due to the author's inexperience with the community. Edo also dislikes it for not being subtle enough and for being too egocentric.

Tales from the Moon

Date of creation    May 9, 2012
Status on again, off again

Tales from the Moon is Edo's second attempt at a big comic with a coherent narrative. Somewhat of a reboot of BLAH, it could be said that Tales from the Moon is everything BLAH set out to become but could never be. Apart from being a comic that regularly updates, that is. It updates infrequently and painfully slow. It tells the story of an unfortunate individual who was taken from his comfortable home planet and thrown into a zany alternate universe, where he must learn to deal with vampires, bandits, and heroes, to find his way back.

"Hey Mason"

Date of creation    November 2, 2013
Status finished

Hey Mason is a short comic Edo co-produced with Mason. It is about Edo and Mason duking it out in a wizard battle, with a bunch of absurd shit happening on the way, involving ambulances, popcorn, and time-travelling, interdimensional dinosaurs who turn into cannons. The thread associated with the comic somehow managed to be stickied for one day, but was then unstickied later for making the forum moderation feel insignificant next to its brilliance.

"I heard you have a dragon problem?"

Date of creation    July 18, 2014
Status finished

Dragon Problem is a comic Edo is co-developing with Walkazo. It recounts the tale of the eccentric Mr. Edo who visits a town in the north, and the eponymous dragon problem, an angry librarian named Walkazo. While battling for dominance in a fight to the death, both must eventually realize and come to terms with an underlying scheme interwoven with the fate of the entire town.

This comic is unique in that it updates uncharacteristically regularly, which sets it apart from every other project Edo has worked on. It is worthy of note that both Edo and Walkazo have shown it to people who have nothing to do with the MarioWiki, and who still understood and enjoyed it. Edo has also gone on record stating that this is the best project he was ever involved with, and that all of his other MarioWiki works can be ignored in favor of this one.

Other, not as noteworthy stuff he did

Nobody cares.

Character Nonsense


Pers Edo.png Full name: Fenrir Mildred Edo Health
Species: Ice Dragon
Height: tall and handsome Attack
Weight: appropriate
Class: White Mage
Weapons: Staves, Suitcases Magic
Element of choice: Ice
Spouse: 2257
Sister: DragonFreak
Apprentice: Marowak
Monorail: Anton
Favorite tea: Rooibos Vanilla
Green-haired, eccentric dragon mutt with a peculiar fondness of garlic. Apprentice and son of Edozentatsu, versed in the ways of ice and water magic for combat and healing, mostly the latter. This grumpy yet silly mage can be difficult to work with.

Pers gabu.png Type: Reptile Digimon Health
Tamer: Marowak
Height: 645px Attack
Weight: impactful
Class: Mage Knight
Mode: Warlock mode Special
Level: Child (Rookie)
Attribute: Data Resistance
Baby I form: Dodomon
Baby II form: Wanyamon
Adult form: Seadramon
Perfect form: Mega Seadramon
Ultimate form: Marin Angemon
Master of the way of the horn, and stuck with an accident-prone Tamer who has no idea what he's doing, this Gabumon is the very epitome of wasted potential. No wonder he turned to drinking, really.

Charmando2.png Nickname: Hito-chan HP
Trainer: free
Height: 0.8m Attack
Weight: 9kg
Class: Black Mage
Ability: Grace of the Queen Sp.Atk
Nature: Quirky
Held item: Hearty staff Sp.Def
Moveset: Scratch
Razing Ember
Shining Ember
The flame that burns at the tip of its tail is an indication of its emotions. The flame wavers when Charmander is enjoying itself. If the Pokémon becomes enraged, the flame burns fiercely. When it spreads to your face, that means Charmander is sick of your shit.

(to be filled in)

(to be filled in)


Fus 6049.png Name: 6049 (Sixofournine)
Species: Weird goat demon
Components: Mr. Edo
Weapon: Tri-section staff
Pers Edo.png 2257.png

400px Name: Edowak
Species: Vampire Lord
Components: Mr. Edo
Weapon: War axe
Pers Edo.png Pers Marowak.png

400px Name: Fenasa
Species: Crystal Dragon
Components: Mr. Edo
Weapon: Lance
Pers Edo.png Meatthedragon.png

400px Name: Mr. Ante
Species: ?????
Components: Mr. Edo
Weapon: War hammer
Pers Edo.png FE AntonBishop.png

400px Name: Ruado
Species: Dinodragon
Components: Mr. Edo
Weapon: Welding torch
Pers Edo.png SPaM 1-02-03 04.png

Sprites and Images


  • Kibago and Cobold are the only two (former) German patrollers.
  • It should be noted that some hours after Edo said the quote about templates on top of the article, an infobox-template on Userpedia suddenly malfunctioned.
  • Edo is an insomniac and tends to stay awake for a long time. Additionally, he has a habit of being awake at weird times, like in the middle of the night.
  • Kibago and Marioguy1 both reached 5,015 edits at the same time and paused to look at the editcounts before MG1 raced ahead and edited again.
  • If you're looking for his evil counterpart, he is right here.

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