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Steve is such a slow typer he takes one hour to find one letter. He's looking for the D key right now."<br\> "Shut the f**k up Jorge.

Paper Jorge and Porplemontage, Chat
Not Paper Jorge
Rank User
Allies N, Palkia47, RedFire Mario, James Frontier, Brayds2006, Shroobario, SonicMario, SpinyMaster347
Age 21 (as of Userpedia shutting on Dec 31, 2017)

Paper Jorge (July 24, 1996-) is a hispanic troll to Userpedia, and ex-sysop to MarioWiki. He became a Sysop in just three months of having joined the MarioWiki in August 2006. Two years later, he became a Chatroom operator, and an Userpedia patroller, then sysop. He was demoted in 2009 for inactivity from both sites. Within the community, aside from the hacking incident, he is most well known for having producing various sprite comic series, and having an unusual, weird and quirky personality.

On October 4th/5th, 2009, Jorge and Turboo, with moral support from Mario5x and My Sweet Lord, planned and unleashed an attack on Userpedia due to its state of inactivity and their hatred for Tabuuownsall132x2. Jorge hacked Tabuu in the afternoon and later used NukeDPL at night to delete a large amount of articles. However, Stooben Rooben was able to stop him by re-promoting himself by getting into the database and after finding out Jorge had done it, banned him on Userpedia and The Xephyr Board, and demoted him from chat.


Paper Jorge 3D art by Girrrtacos.


Upon finding the MarioWiki at 9 years old, in January, Jorge edited as an anonymous guest. Due to guests frequently vandalizing articles, Porplemontage forbid all guests from being able to edit, forcing people to create an account. This prompted Jorge to leave the MarioWiki for a short period of time, until August, where he finally created an account, and befriended Wayoshi and Knife. He was promoted to sysop within three months, alongside Knife, Ghost Jam, Sir Grodus and Monty Mole.


Jorge signed up and contributed to The 'Shroom for some time, delivering news on upcoming Mario video games. Around this time, Knife began working on sprites for users, and gave Jorge his own sprite form. Jorge took the form of an edit of the Mario sprite (from Superstar Saga), with a white shirt, glasses, green pants, a red headband, and messy black hair. Sprite comics began popping up frequently on MarioWiki, and Jorge began creating a user-themed fan game that he reported progress on in The 'Shroom for some time, until its cancellation.

Jorge was renamed “Super Luigi 821” for a short period of time this year. He founded UnMario Wiki, which was the Uncyclopedia version of MarioWiki, and was a source of entertainment for MarioWiki users for some time. Later that year, Userpedia was created to contain the mass amounts of user comics created, and interest was lost in UnMario Wiki. After being inspired by a Max2 comic, Jorge joined in on the creation of sprite comics and created Wiki's End. Jorge was demoted from chat operator for a brief period of time after insulting Wayoshi.


Jorge met Black Hole Sun (back then known as Pokemon DP) who convinced Porplemontage to promote Jorge back to chat operator, and thus, Jorge and Black Hole Sun became friends. In this year, Jorge finished Wiki's End, and he befriended various other users, like SonicMario who created a series of fan fictions casting Jorge as Indiana Jones, called Indiana Jorge.

Jorge developed a crush on Beanbean around this time, a close friend of his, and some love triangle/square drama occurred where Jorge liked Bean, but Bean liked Black Hole Sun, and Black Hole Sun liked Purple Yoshi. Things complicated further when a girl named “DB” in chat developed a crush on Jorge. Over time, this unnecessary user soap opera subsided, once Bean returned feelings for Jorge, and the two started somewhat of an online relationship that lasted until about 2011. Jorge formed his own IRC chatroom titled #paperchat, a chatroom that was very active and popular at the time, and was the home for Jorge and his close friends. The chatroom remains alive today, but largely inactive, and run by Toadbert101.

Upon his completion of Wiki's End, Jorge went on a mass spree of creating various different comic series, including Rush Wiki, Server's End and Ten Thousand Trolls. The host of Userpedia at the time, Scribblewiki, crashed and went down permanently without a warning, and mass amounts of comics and sprites were lost forever. This put a serious halt on Userpedia fanon, and forced Jorge to cancel his comics.

2009 (January-August)

This picture Sam posted of Jorge in 2009 was the first glimpse Userpedia got of Jorge's real life appearance.

Neurario recreated Userpedia at the domain name of a friend of his. Over time, users began to restore Userpedia, reuploading whatever comics and sprites were still saved on people's computers. Jorge, though discouraged by the circumstances, returned to Userpedia and continued working on Rush Wiki. He began working on other comic series over time, including Final de Wiki 3 and WTF Tales. He also began his most popular and successful comic series, Friday Night Live. Friends of Jorge in real life went on the chatroom and began posting pictures of him in real life and posting personal information. He changed his name to Jackie Chan for some time in the MarioWiki, but was changed back not long after.

Sometime around April and May, Jorge was demoted from Userpedia patroller by Stooben Rooben, and replaced by RAP, and demoted from MarioWiki sysop by Stooben as well. It became Userpedia canon that Jorge and Bean were married, and their children were RedFire Mario, DHS, Shroobario and Palkia47.

2009 (September-November)

After finishing (or canceling?) Friday Night Live, it became apparent that Userpedia was long past its prime, and various users had already left, and edits were becoming less and less frequent. Before long, the only fanon works that appeared on the front page were all fan fictions by Tabuuownsall132x2. The sad state of Userpedia affected Jorge, and it motivated him to destroy it out of hatred for Tabuu. With the help of Turboo, the two planned a “hack” (a password guess) on Tabuu in October.

On October 4/5th, he executed his plan, hacked Tabuu, and NukeDPL'd Userpedia, deleting mass amounts of articles. He was able to keep the attack up by demoting all other sysops, leaving only himself in power. By getting into the database for the website, Stooben Rooben was able to repromote himself, and stop the Tabuu account from continuing his deletion spree. He then checked the IP login for the account, and discovered it was Jorge, prompting an immediate permanent ban, and a demotion from the #mariowiki chatroom. Turboo regained the wiki's trust by restoring the damage.

After much apologizing, Stooben Rooben gave a brief pardon to Jorge, and unbanned him. He then went on to create a new comic series, Jorge and the Family, which was met extremely poorly, and was canceled.


Jorge began the planning stages for a Friday Night Live follow-up titled The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo. The series was teased in a User Soup episode, and a preview issue was released. Unfortunately, before the series' first episode premiered, Scarecrow von Steuben rebanned Jorge permanently, putting the series on a halt, and the preview issue created was deleted. With the help of Mario5x, Jorge was able to upload Jorge and the Family 2 as a joke, which has also since been deleted.

Following the rejection from the community due to the hacking event, Jorge kept to himself in the #paperchat IRC chatroom with close friends of his. SonicMario introduced the My Little Pony series to the chatroom, and live events were hosted where users like SonicMario, Jorge, RedFire Mario, DHS, Super-Yoshi and FireEevee all watched the whole first season together. Over time, the #paperchat IRC room became less and less active, and eventually, Jorge left indefinitely, leaving SonicMario in charge. The power was inexplicably passed on to Toadbert101 at some point.

Jorge and Bean retained their online relationship throughout all this time, until towards the end of 2011, once Jorge started high school and met someone who would go on to become his long-term girlfriend. The two remained close friends for some years after.


Jorge, circa 2013.

After three years of starting Friday Night Live, and two years of previewing The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo, Jorge went back to work on the series during the summer. Due to being banned from Userpedia, he began releasing the episodes on the MarioWiki Forums. The series was very well received, and ran for eight episodes before being put on hiatus. It received a nomination for best Userpedia comic and ranked highly. In the summer of 2013, Jorge came back to the forums to finish The Tonight Show.

It was around this time that Jorge met N, who was a frequent troll to the forums. The two Skyped together around December, with RedFire Mario and DHS. N and Jorge became very close friends, and the two would Skype often, with RedFire Mario and DHS. In early 2013, N created a Facebook version of the #paperchat room, and brought in various MarioWiki members on Facebook, including Bean, Jorge, DHS, RFM, Palkia47, Castle Toad, Shroobario, SpinyMaster347 among countless others. The Facebook chatroom remains active to this day, with new friends encountered over the years.


For the following four years, Jorge has become an on-and-off contributor to the Mario Forums, and the MarioWiki itself. Jorge's close friendship with Bean had fizzled out completely by 2016 once Jorge came out in support of Donald Trump. The Facebook #paperchat remains active to this date, while the IRC chatroom remains alive but largely inactive. Any visits Jorge pays to the MarioWiki or Userpedia chatrooms usually result in Anton and other users chasing him out, despite him not doing anything inherently wrong.

In 2016, Jorge met N, DHS, and RFM all in real life in a road trip adventure he and N shared. The four of them hung out in Downtown Disney, and N and Jorge traveled to the Grand Canyon. Jorge returned in 2017 to the Grand Canyon with N, and later, that same year, met up with N, DHS, RFM and SpinyMaster347 in Downtown San Diego. A separate time, RFM and DHS met up with Jorge in San Francisco. Other future adventures may occur, but none that this article will get to hear about. Userpedia closed officially on 2018 New Year's Day; a few days prior, Jorge uploaded a tribute video.

Personality, Interests and Depictions

Userpedia fanon depictions usually show Jorge as being happy-go-lucky, random, stupid, energetic and friendly. This does not differ much from his real life self, but its obviously exaggerated much greatly in comics and fan fictions. Other frequent depictions of him are his real life passion for Mountain Dew, muffins, Jackie Chan films and Zelda games.

Running jokes in Userpedia fanon include him being frequently shot (namely by SonicMario in User Soup), or his obsession with Beanbean. Many series depict him as being married to him (Bean identified as female during this time), or in a relationship with him. Alter-egos of Jorge that were featured frequently in other works include Indiana Jorge (Indiana Jones), Link Jorge (Zelda), and Inspector Lee (Rush Hour). WTF Tales introduced Rainbow Jorges, a species of rainbow-colored Jorges incapable of human speech. Recent depictions (post-2010) show a less lighthearted image of him, specifically in his own work, where he depicts himself as an alcoholic, and Userpedia villain.

In recent years, he has contributed to a couple MarioWiki Awards presentations. Aside from talents in sprites and sprite comics, Jorge has a Youtube he has much passion for. His videos are unusual and outlandish, usually about inside jokes, or more popular videos like the one where he blends an Arby's burger and then attempts to drink it. He has produced albums under a parody hip hop "band".

Comics Produced

2007-2008: Wiki's End

Wiki's End is the first comic series created by Jorge. It was an action/adventure epic revolving around the wiki coming to an end. The series featured no titular hero, and instead focused on various different storylines of several users, as they all came together in the end to fight the villains. The series was worked on over the span of one year, and became the first Userpedia comic series to be officially finished (and not canceled). Its impact on Userpedia fanon was huge at the time, setting the bar for how complex of a story a sprite comic could tell. Over the years and frequent Userpedia server changes, the majority of issues have been lost.

2008: Server's End

A loose sequel to Wiki's End, Server's End was a more lighthearted and humorous adventure series with no plot elements from its predecessor. Its plot revolved around the #mariowiki chatroom splitting in half, creating two different groups of users setting out to reunite together. It began exactly a year after Wiki's End was started, but was canceled not long after. Over the years and frequent Userpedia server changes, the majority of issues have been lost.

2008-2009: Rush Wiki

Rush Wiki was a collaborative project created by Jorge and Super-Yoshi, as a parody to the Rush Hour trilogy films. It cast Jorge as Inspector Lee and Super-Yoshi as Inspector Carter. Each issue was a comedy parody of random scenes from the original three films. Two spin-off subplots were created, Rush Hour 4 and Rush Hour 5, which were more serious, and story driven, but both were canceled before completion. The Super-Yoshi "Carter" and Jorge "Lee" personas created in Rush Wiki would go on to become very popular, appearing in other Userpedia works.

2008: Ten Thousand Trolls

Ten Thousand Trolls was intended to be another serious story driven series, much like Wiki's End. Not many issues were completed after Userpedia's Scribblewiki host was permanently taken down, putting a permanent halt on the series. Its plot was meant to revolve around all the MarioWiki Sysops going rogue and becoming evil.

2009: Friday Night Live

In terms of critical reception, Friday Night Live is Jorge's magnum opus. The comic series was based off late night talk shows, and borrowed its name from Saturday Night Live. Each episode contained five issues, and debuted on Friday nights. The host was Paper Jorge, himself, often bringing in an interviewee and then showing a skit, usually based on a pop culture reference. The series was littered with all kinds of user cameos, and a large cast of recurring characters. A total of nine episodes were completed in 2009, before Jorge was banned from Userpedia that same year. Friday Night Live remains as Jorge's most popular comic series, as its filled with numerous humorous and memorable moments that were often quoted or referenced in the chatroom at the time, or in other Userpedia works.

2009-2010: WTF Tales

WTF Tales is a collection of short, random stories or comics Jorge created. It consists of various different one-off comedic issues. Only one mini series with more than one issue was made, titled “Into a Moron's Mind” (three issues) that had a plot about Bean, Shroobario and Super-Yoshi being sucked inside Jorge's mind and trying to find their way out.

2009: Final de Wiki 3

Final de Wiki 3 (Spanish for Wiki's End 3) was a sequel to Wiki's End and Server's End, that more closely followed the seriousness, mood and plot elements from Wiki's End. Its run was very short, featuring only three completed issues, before it was canceled. The plot was a direct sequel to Wiki's End, and revolved around Porplemontage enlisting the MarioWiki Sysops to stop the trolls from reviving Mastermind Troll (the supreme villain of Wiki's End).

2009-2010: Jorge and the Family

To date, Jorge and the Family remains as the most poorly received comic series created by Jorge. It was made after Jorge's ban from Userpedia, during a short period of time where he was given a brief pardon. Considering the circumstances at the time, and the public's opinion on him, Jorge made the foolish decision to create a series devoted to himself and his close friends. The series was based off TV family sitcom shows, casting Jorge as the father, Bean as the mother, and DHS, RedFire Mario, Palkia47 and Shroobario as the kids. The series became quite infamous for its poor reception, with DHS making a crude and raunchy parody of it, and Jorge later making a Jorge and the Family 2 as a joke (which has since been deleted).

2012-2013: The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

After Jorge was given a brief pardon for his ban, a follow-up series to Friday Night Live called The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo was teased in 2010 (namely in User Soup). Before the first episode premiered, Jorge was put back on a ban, forcing the show's debut to be canceled for three years. Jorge debuted the series on the MarioWiki Boards in 2012, and continued the show format from Friday Night Live, with five issues per episode releasing every Friday. Jorge returned as the host, and continued the original show's format of an interview, followed by a skit based on pop culture. The rest of Jorge's cast included SonicMario, Blocky and Brayds2006. Eight episodes were created, before the show went on a brief hiatus, and returned a year later, with the final ninth episode (same number of episodes as Friday Night Live). Though The Tonight Show did not capture nowhere near the same amount of fans and hype as Friday Night Live, it was still met with positive reception.

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