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Welcome to Userpedia, catjedi!


  • Feel free to supply articles with images! PuddinSig 2014-12-20.GIF
  • Categorize pages when you make them, e.g. [[Category:User]].
  • Embolden text with triple apostrophes.
  • Double apostrophes will italicize text.
  • You can use <s>strike tags</s> to cross things out.
  • Link to other Userpedia articles with [[double brackets]]! You can even include mw: to link to Mario Wiki articles or
    wikipedia: to link to Wikipedia. Go ahead and use [single brackets] if you need to link to an external website.
  • Confused? View the code for this welcome template!

The first thing you should do at Userpedia is read the rules. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a Patroller or a Sysop. Have fun!

Puddin still owes 40 wiki pounds to Neptune for using his welcome template as a base.


Do you have permission from the users to use them in your games Goomba's Shoe15


Slow down, kid. - Puddin (T|C) PuddinSig 2014-12-20.GIF

Extra articles and stuff

Some of those things you're making separate articles for could probably be located on your main Catjedi page. Adorable kitties, btw  :D - Hypnotoad (T|C) AntonBonesMason.GIF

Notice #2

We highly suggest you read the rules. All of them: Take this as a verbal warning. I personally suggest you stop editing other pages for now, and start with creating your own fiction and allow sign ups. - Puddin (T|C) PuddinSig 2014-12-20.GIF


You're not supposed to fill artwork requests unless you're on the artwork committee. Same goes for the other request committees. - Puddin (T|C) PuddinSig 2014-12-20.GIF

No thanks...

I signed up as Mario not Luigi, Pikachu, Red, Raichu, Raquaza, or MLP. Get it? Mario and Luigi(T|C) 16:59, 19 February 2012 (PST)


Regarding the "sequel" to Mr bones' game. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the fiction and games policies before continuing creating games or fictions.

-- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying The future is bulletproof!

Lightsaber Blits Template

CatJedi, fix the template because it's interfering with other templates below it and it's too plain and ugly looking. Zero777 (Talk)

Final Warning

When images are deleted based on low quality, please do not reupload them. In addition, when an admin of any sort gives you advice on proper editing, it is best to listen. - Hypnotoad (T|C) AntonBonesMason.GIF