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KB99 (or Kingbowser99 if you're Posh) (MAH Talk)

this Welcome template was revamped by KB99. All rights reserved. Anybody who uses this sign is welcome to pay 40 wiki pounds. If you have the courage to use this without my permission, you will be, i dunno, possibly told off a million times. Please keep this in mind, and PLEASE do not ask for a cheezburger. Thankyou for reading this. All characters on this welcome template are all reserved therein, and if used inapropiatelly will be caught and be locked away in a smelly toilet for years. Which reminds me of the time i almost won a game of chess. The year was 2008, and me and Scarecrow were trying to settle our differences playing chess. This game would determine if who would win the Bowserpedia wars. I moved my King! Scarecrow moved the queen to counter with check! I moved my bishop into his queen's line of sight! Scarecrow check mated me! I had lost! Which also reminds me of the recipe i made for a spinach pudding. Ingredients: 24 pounds of ground in spinach, 4 baby sprouts, a bar of chocolate (Preferably Galaxy with Caramel™(or Aero with mint™(or Dairy milk with Caramel™(You know what forget it, too many copyright infringements))) 2 litres of milk. How to make: Find a giant bowl, stick all the ingredients into the bowl, shove it in the oven, turn up the heat to as far as it will go and don't worry about the mess, just run. If you can, take a bus, or a car to a well known relatives house, and you may hear a loud bang in the distance coming from your neighbourhood. But don't worry - It's just your neighbours having a fireworks party, never mind the time of day, or the month of the year. THEY ARE HAVING A FIREWORKS PARTY. You then return to your neighbourhood, find all of your neighbours on piles of rubble, blame your neighbour for blowing up the neighbourhood, and if you are a talented actor, cry on the top of your pile of rubble. Did i ever tell you about the time Mario came to my home town? Well, he made a penguin out of Funky cheese, and also had a monkey pie. He delivered plagues upon our houses and burned all our crops to the ground. He also Kept us waiting for a bubble. His brother Luigi is an ass. He actually thought that he won a mansion in a contest. Turns out, Bowser was gaying up on him. Sure, the game said that the main villain's name was king boo. BUT I BEG TO DIFFER!!! Dear me, it seems as if we are running out of time! Our time is running out! You can't push it underground! you can't stop it screaming out! How did it come to this?! Dang, this is the best tasting wine in the world! I could drink this all year! But i won't. I won't. So, anyway, just wanted to say, THANKYOU FOR ALL THE MONEY!! EHEHEH IT'S NICE!! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BACK!! IT'S NICE!! Dankeschon!


I'm deleting them because they're my stories and I no longer want them on Userpedia. I would delete them MYSELF, but someone took away my power. >.> - Don't fear the reaper, he isn't that scary.

Well, someone gave you a day to delete them but you didn't ~(MG1)~ (Talk)

I know this question wasn't aimed at me, but what do you mean by "what happened to the Mariowiki?"

-- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying You don't have to answer if you don't want to


Would you like to be in a comic? If so please make a fairly good amount of sprites such as jumping, walking, battling etc. Please no blood or guts...but bones are fine! I will soon make the comic when i have enough users. Thanks! -Fuzzipede27

Mamma mia!

Please help me! I have been blocked of some sort on the Super mario wiki! My bro who is blocked has the same pin number as me or something that was block! I can't log in! Talk to Fawfulfury65 on the wiki because, she blocked my bro and me! i will let you be in the new 'shroom part that i might create! Please! Your friend Fuzzipede27

I think this is no longer necessary, since I took care of the problem. You still need to check if it works, though. - Edofenrir(T|C) 07:35, 18 July 2010 (UTC)


Can I be in your one of your storys? Fuzzipede27 (Talk)

You can use them. Do you have any? I'll make some for you if you don't have any. Fuzzipede27 (Talk)


Hey Mr bones. I am currently working on a sprite, and later a sprite pack. But I may need some help with recoloring. I was planning on doing this for a while, but seeing I'm in your comic (I'm very thankful to you for that) I'll get em done soon. Also, to day I'm gonna begin writing my new chapter, and I'm trying to think of ways to include you. I got one, but it won't come until the 5th chapter. Got it! Okay. Now on to my question: Do you know any one that's gookd at recoloring sprites. I hear Fuzzipede is one, but I think he also could of got it recolored from Stooben, so....... . Talk to you again, sometime! Keep working on your comic, and I'll keep working on: FireBabyLugi11 and Porplemontage's Army: The Secret CSS FireBabyLuigi11(T|C) 11:49, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Ok! I'll ask! FireBabyLuigi11(T|C) 11:59, 22 August 2010 (UTC)


Can I join in the group in trolls' island? Y'know? Like a partner. Not for just chapter 1 but for the entire story? Fuzzipede27 (Talk)

Here use this as the magic paintbursh to erase the drawings for the comic! -Fuzzy27

Fuzzipede27's Paintbrush.png


Hi. Sorry, I'm a little busy right now. I'll give you a clearer answer once I got a little spare-time at hand. - Edofenrir(T|C) 21:56, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

Ok, before giving you an answer, there are some other things I'd like to talk about.

One of your chapters
Please have a look at the first panel of this page, which shows a sysop meeting if I am not mistaken. There are a lot of errors in it that I'd like to show you. First take a look at where I am standing. The guy next to me is Wayoshi, a retired user. This situation is pretty much impossible. Wayoshi and I were never sysops at the same time (I was promoted way after him), so we cannot attend the same sysop meeting together. The guy next to him is RAP, who is not an admin anymore, but this happened fairly recent, so it's ok to not be up-to-date in that regard. Next to RAP is Cobold. You've taken his old sprites, even though his appearance changed some time ago. You can find his new sprites on his article (he's a blue cloud thing). Next to Cobold is Pantaro Paratroopa, and I don't quite get that. To my knowledge, he was never a sysop (I asked an older admin about that). You probably meant to put Walkazo there, seeing how she is a sysop. Pantaro Paratroopa and Walkazo share a sprite sheet, so if you meant to put her there, you need to go for the big green Dragon Koopa with the blue hair. In the third panel is an error you cannot really know about. I never call Porplemontage "Steve", I always call him "Porplemontage", just for future reference. And lastly: Why are there statues of SmartyGuy11 in our meeting room?

Ok, as for your question: I usually say "yes" when someone asks me if they can put me into their story, asking me beforehand is just something I consider polite, and it can annoy me otherwise. There are exceptions where I reconsider (portraying me as a human or horribly out of character), but that pretty much depends on the person who asks me. To end this rant: Yes, you can keep me around in your story (since I think you're an ok guy), but I hope you don't plan to base any original characters on me. I usually don't take that too well. - Edofenrir(T|C) 07:34, 27 August 2010 (UTC)


Yes, it would, I think that the 1,000 contributions or 600 posts rule has been abolished. ~(MG1)~ (Talk)


That's why you should be promoted! You are awesome! Thanks :) Fuzzipede27 (Talk)


And I see it's already been created too. Super-YoshiMust...eat...sig...Talk? C???

I'm not Edofenrir, but; Re: Re-color

There's a couple tools that I've seen able to recolor things - it's not as simple as simply clicking a button and choosing a color though... well, depending on which program you use.

  • Photoshop offers a way to adjust a certain color in an image
  • The GIMP supposedly also has this functionality, but how it works I'm not sure
  • For sprites, even MSPaint has some use - the paint bucket tool works wonders! But beware that limited undo!

It's entirely possible Edo uses something else entirely though, so I can't speak entirely for him. NeuDroid.jpgNeu(c|e|t) 11:38, 28 August 2010 (UTC)

Sprite Director

Hi bones, i was wondering if i could be in charge of the sprites for the comic? Like, of items, objects, etc. I'll give you some sprites of peachycakes later when you give me the job. Fuzzipede27 (Talk)

Here ya go! Peachycakes sprites.png purple things is for where the text goes.


I had to go to the bathroom... next thing i know, my ip address is blocked. Tucayo gave me a warning. My bro laughed. Might have to stay here for a bit. Call you tell tucayo that my bro IS NOT a sock. Fuzzipede27 (Talk)

Oh plus my brother knows passwords. My brother also blank the pages. Please tell tucayo.

Lindsay11 blocked my ip address i have to go... :| Fuzzipede27 (Talk)

Don't have java. Maybe forums? Fuzzy27


OK, i'm on you side for didyouknow. I've got a good fact. Here you go. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, in the background of the Shiverburn Galaxy, there are three alien-like creatures watching Mario. Meet me here every saturday for a fact. DekuFuzzy27 (Talk)

Hello ^_^

Thanks for the, uh, welcome? Doomship 2 (Talk) 12:30, 5 September 2010 (UTC)

IDK, just what do we do here? I read the guidelines; still have no idea. How long will it be until I can make my page? When do I get a welcome template? Etc. Doomship 2 (Talk) 12:41, 5 September 2010 (UTC) I'm a n00b here, I can only be good/evil when I'm not a n00b. Stop making sections for 1 or 2 sentences. >:|
Userpage first, DS2 the Airship later. How does the edit system work here (what's the equivalent of Mainspace)? Doomship 2 (Talk) 12:46, 5 September 2010 (UTC)
Okay, I somehow just made my (horrendously poor) userpage. Is some coding different? (display title didn't work) Doomship 2 (Talk) 13:07, 5 September 2010 (UTC)

Aha. Looking at a few userpages, mine's......oookkaaaaaaayyyyy. Guess I'm thinking about the User Character page. Doomship 2 (Talk) 13:17, 5 September 2010 (UTC)

Hey, bonsey, where in Algeria are you (I didn't know where it was until I checked a map. 0_0)? Because you should actually be an hour ahead of me in time. Also, isn't most of Algeria covered by the Sahara Desert? Doomship 2 (Talk) 16:46, 23 September 2010 (UTC)

Cool! You still ought to be +1 hour ahead of me. Doomship 2 (Talk) 16:54, 23 September 2010 (UTC) PS. Oh, I'm thinking of making my UC page. Is it okay if I used your UC page as a base for making my one?

I believe I have out-eviled you by stealing not just Edo's garlic bread, but all the garlic bread in the whole Tri-State Area!! KRAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm not eating it though...I need it to keep wild Warios away. And to clog up deadly Freeze Rays. I'm serious, a few hits from Freeze Rays, especially near the engines, and I'd plummet from the sky like a giant Airship-shaped hailstone! 0_0 Doomship 2 (Talk)

Hey, as you probably know, FFY's sprites are fully complete and good-to-go! I'm going to sort out BronzeRayquaza's artwork and sprites, then I'll work on DS2's ones. Dark Shines {DS2}(T|C) 21:11, 21 December 2010 (UTC)

Bonsey, do you want to be a minor character in Vengeance? Dark Shines {DS2}(T|C) 12:16, 18 January 2011 (PST)


would you like to be in my new comic? Fiction:Adventures in the Real World, sign ups are on talk page. Tell your friends! Fuzzipede27 (Talk)


How did you use the sprites in your comic? I might like to, but I don't understand!
The previous unsigned comment was added by Blue (Talk).

Ah... I see. Thanks. I understand now! Thanks!!!Blue(T|C)

Um... Which sprites did you use, exactly?
The previous unsigned comment was added by Blue (Talk).

Trolls Island

Can I have a cameo appearance in the trolls' Island comic?--Blue(T|C) 10:19, 2 October 2010 (UTC)

Need sprites

For your appearence in issue 3 of A Spammers Revenge, i need a link to your sprites.

-- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying You definately will appear.

Ah, Thanks. :) - -- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying The future is bulletproof!

Would you?

Would you like to be in my upcoming fanfiction? Ralph said I needed your permission to be put in. GalacticPetey


How you doin!Btw are you almost finished wiyh my sprites?--User:UltraMario3000

Don't worry about that. I haven't written part 3 yet, but i will make sure you won't swear. -- Kill Joys! Make Some Noise! - Dr. Death Defying The future is bulletproof!


When Am I gonna appear in the comic again :( ? DekuFuzzy27 (Talk)

Do you want to be in my comic? It is called Leaving of the Wiki :) DekuFuzzy27 (Talk)


Thank you very much. - S_ar_c__w v_n St_ub_n(SvS)


Aren't you going to change your name to Count Bonsula here too? MrConcreteDonkey(T|C) 12:01, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

No, I don't want my old name to vanish.  :) .So I decided it better stays Mr bones.--Mr bones(T|C) 12:09, 19 December 2010 (UTC)


"Canceled" is the American Englsih spelling of that word, while "cancelled" is the British English one. As far as Userpedia is concerned, both spellings are recognized as correct by our standards. There is no need for edit warring over this word, please just leave it the way the original writer submitted it. - GabuGabu.png Gabumon(talk)


Yeah, that's me, and sure. Mastablasta.gifMastablastaMastablasta.gifTAC insert dave quote here

Trolls' Island

I'd like to be in your comic. Ralph.pngRalphfanOrganized ChaosRalph.png

Sprite Request

Hey Mr bones can have some sprites (as Master Koopakid)?--Koopayoshi(T|C) 04:21, 10 February 2011 (PST)

Cool thanks!--Koopayoshi(T|C) 12:46, 11 February 2011 (PST)
Are they done yet?--Koopayoshi(T|C) 06:08, 20 February 2011 (PST)

The Disconnected!

You are a member of the Writing Team, and you volunteered for "Quiz". So, uh...send in your quiz to my forum account, Travis Touchdown...and make it...er, snappy. - Don't fear the reaper, he isn't that scary.

Your Disconnected Section

I need it as soon as possible. If you don't have it within twenty four hours (10:00 a.m. EST, tomorrow), I'm going to do it myself.

Since I'm the Director of The Writing Team, I will cover you for your section, but only three times. Any more than that, and you will be fired. - Don't fear the reaper, he isn't that scary.

Huh? What do you mean? I sent you my section, like, five days ago 0_o --Mr bones(T|C) 08:22, 20 April 2011 (PDT)


I need your Quiz for a UP fanfic as soon as possible. Hurry up and PM it to me on the UP Forums. - Don't fear the reaper, he isn't that scary. If you can't do it or don't respond to me within a day, I will cover for you just this once.

Hi.I'm afraid I cannot do it this month, I'm really busy studying as the final exams and the Brevet exam are approaching. I'm sorry.--Mr bones(T|C) 03:34, 20 May 2011 (PDT)

Also too lazy to make a title for the header

Yes. You do not have to send in anything , either. and LOL at the header--PyroGuy6 Here we go!!! Read this!. Look at this!. I don't know what you should do here... 06:09, 3 June 2011 (PDT)


Yes you can be an employee. You don't have to send in anything either. --PyroGuy6 Here we go!!! Read this!. Look at this!. I don't know what you should do here... 06:10, 3 June 2011 (PDT)