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Welcome, My Fixable Friend!!

You are now a member of the wonderful Userpedia, the one-stop Shop for all things user-related!
Our lovely Wiki welcomes you.

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KB99 (or Kingbowser99 if you're Posh) (MAH Talk)

this Welcome template was revamped by KB99. All rights reserved. Anybody who uses this sign is welcome to pay 40 wiki pounds. If you have the courage to use this without my permission, you will be, i dunno, possibly told off a million times. Please keep this in mind, and PLEASE do not ask for a cheezburger. Thankyou for reading this. All characters on this welcome template are all reserved therein, and if used inapropiatelly will be caught and be locked away in a smelly toilet for years. Which reminds me of the time i almost won a game of chess. The year was 2008, and me and Scarecrow were trying to settle our differences playing chess. This game would determine if who would win the Bowserpedia wars. I moved my King! Scarecrow moved the queen to counter with check! I moved my bishop into his queen's line of sight! Scarecrow check mated me! I had lost! Which also reminds me of the recipe i made for a spinach pudding. Ingredients: 24 pounds of ground in spinach, 4 baby sprouts, a bar of chocolate (Preferably Galaxy with Caramel™(or Aero with mint™(or Dairy milk with Caramel™(You know what forget it, too many copyright infringements))) 2 litres of milk. How to make: Find a giant bowl, stick all the ingredients into the bowl, shove it in the oven, turn up the heat to as far as it will go and don't worry about the mess, just run. If you can, take a bus, or a car to a well known relatives house, and you may hear a loud bang in the distance coming from your neighbourhood. But don't worry - It's just your neighbours having a fireworks party, never mind the time of day, or the month of the year. THEY ARE HAVING A FIREWORKS PARTY. You then return to your neighbourhood, find all of your neighbours on piles of rubble, blame your neighbour for blowing up the neighbourhood, and if you are a talented actor, cry on the top of your pile of rubble. Did i ever tell you about the time Mario came to my home town? Well, he made a penguin out of Funky cheese, and also had a monkey pie. He delivered plagues upon our houses and burned all our crops to the ground. He also Kept us waiting for a bubble. His brother Luigi is an ass. He actually thought that he won a mansion in a contest. Turns out, Bowser was gaying up on him. Sure, the game said that the main villain's name was king boo. BUT I BEG TO DIFFER!!! Dear me, it seems as if we are running out of time! Our time is running out! You can't push it underground! you can't stop it screaming out! How did it come to this?! Dang, this is the best tasting wine in the world! I could drink this all year! But i won't. I won't. So, anyway, just wanted to say, THANKYOU FOR ALL THE MONEY!! EHEHEH IT'S NICE!! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BACK!! IT'S NICE!! Dankeschon!