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Userpedia Party is a game created by New Super Mario. It's a lot like Mario Party, but with users, different boards, and minigames.

NSM hitting a dice block in the game

Playable Characters

Post Artwork in Artwork, and fill in other categories to sign up for a playable character. Only 30 though.

Name and Artwork Unlockable Costume Change(s) Biography
New Super Mario


Baby New Super Mario (Unlocked by playing 500 minigames) New Sherlock Mario(Unlocked by completing Tourney Mode with NSM 1 time) Blue Pikmin (Unlocked by completing Tourney Mode with NSM 3 times) Red Pikmin (Unlocked by completing Tourney Mode with NSM 3 times) Yellow Pikmin (Unlocked by playing with any kind of Pikmin costume change 10 times) Purple Pikmin (Unlocked by completing Tourney Mode with NSM 10 times) White Pikmin (Unlocked by unlocking every costume change in the game) NSM is one of the main characters in the game. He looks a lot like Mario, but has green overalls and a yellow hat.


Ozzy Osbourne-Soulja (Unlocked by winning a single game), Pianta-Soulja (Unlocked by winning three games), Gun Jack-Soulja (Unlocked by beating Tourney Mode with MCSoulja) MCSoulja is one of the main characters in the game. He is very agile, and is a palette swap of Luigi. He can also shapeshift into a Pianta, Ozzy Osbourne, or Gun Jack.
Peachycakes (Unlockable)


Enlightened Shadow (Unlocked by beating Peachycakes in Tourney Mode 5 times) Peachycakes is a troll out for some madness. Unlock her by defeating her in Tourney Mode.


Kingbowser99 (Unlockable by getting all of the emblems), Stuffwell (Unlockable by completing everything in the whole game) He is the king of Bowserpedia and a very powerful man. Strangely, when the player selects Neptune to play in Neptune's Body, a normal Bowser will be sent in his place. The Bowser has the name Glass, possibly a reference to MGATBTFOMF. The reason for this is so Neptune cannot play inside his own body. However, the Bowser will share the same Emblem with Neptune, to show which character Neptune is.


und3D (Unlockable by obtaining all songs in the soundtrack), Kirbonk(unlocked by beating Tourney Mode with Scorpion999) Scorpion is a monster slayer, DJ, and freedom fighter in one!
Princess R

Scorpion999 Request2.PNG

R(Scorpion's Story)(Unlocked by beating Tourney Mode with Scorpion999 five times) The princess of the Sound Kingdom, R loves swimming, drawing, fencing, playing the trumpet, and of course, PARTYING!!


BasketballYoshi24 (Orange Yoshi instead of blue) (Unlocked by playing 20 tourneys) BaseballYoshi24 is a sport addict that's ready to party!


Full Color SK (unlockable by obtaining 50 000 coins in total overall) SKmarioman is a black and white character that looks like a hand-drawn sketch. His full color version of himself is an unlockable character. It is rumored that he stole Mario's cap, but he confims that he just made his own duplicate version. He likes to play video games, use the internet, and partying!


Shades (Unlocked by playing as Home-Dawg 5 times) Home-Dawg is NSM's sister and ready to party. She's also ready to put on those dark shades.
Smasher 101


Lucario form (Unlocked by beating Tourney mode as Smasher on Medium or higher) Smasher is that random guy who appears everywhere. He does love a good party, but can get competitive at times.
DyegoHalliwell IceMario12


Unlocked by playing and winning a game DyegoHalliwell is a type of Ice Mario, without mustache and with a D on his hat. He has powerful ice powers and is ready to party (and win)


Regular Shy Guy (Unlocked by playing as Pyro in Tourney Mode twice) PyroGuy6 is a Shy Guy on fire that loves to party. He loves to say "OH NOES" and nothing will stop him to win the party.
Peanut Butter


Peanut Butter Covered (Unlocked by playing with NSM, BBY24, Home-Dawg, and Peanut Butter in the same game) Peanut Butter is the cousin of NSM, BBY, and Home-Dawg, and can party better than any other Yoshi!


Yoshi Form (unlocked by playing a duel minigame as MCD against Smasher 101)

Concrete Donkey form (unlocked by playing as MCD five times)

MCD is a posh Cyndaquil who somehow found his way to the party, and is currently under scrutiny from calendars worldwide. He has entered the party to show these calendars he is not as bad as they say he is. He is also out to beat Smasher 101.
Mr bones


Bikini Bones (unlocked by beating Bowserpedia Guild four times using him).
Mr bones is a mustached Dry Bones who came to the party wanting to ruin it. However, he found it enjoyable and decided to join in the fun. He also tries to get his pwnage bag from MrConcreteDonkey.


Ultra9-Volt Form (unlocked by beating UltraMario Land five times using him)

UltraWario form (unlocked by beating Jake's Junkyard 3 times using him)
Neptune99 Memory UM (unlocked by beating Neptune99's body ten times using him)

UltraMario is a capless, stacheless Mario who, first hearing about this event, was extremely excited and thought he'd be a perfect match for this party, so he joined it. He is also out to be a bit competitive against Smasher 101, MrConcreteDonkey, MCSoulja, Mr bones, and even his father Neptune99!


Charizard form (unlocked by playing 100 mini games)

Bowser Jr. form (unlocked by playing as Superfiremario 30 times.) Yoshi Form (unlocked by playing as Superfiremario's Bowser Jr. form 30 times.)

Superfiremario is always ready to party! He found this out by browsing the Games category. He is not competitive with anyone. He can use various forms as powerups and fireballs.
Baby Mario Bloops

BMB pic.png

Bmb-omb Form (unlocked via playing him on three boards)
BMBlooper Form (unlocked via playing him on all boards)
Despite the small stature, Baby Mario Bloops' massive energy makes his a valued character to use! With this Baby Mario's trademark Teal clothing, along with his powerful hammer, he can show how pungnacious he really is!


Supreme Luigi Form (unlocked by beating all boards)

Petey Piranha Form (unlocked by winning 3000 mini games)

Ganondorf Form (unlocked by playing as Supreme Luigi Form 100 times)

Supremo78 is a very, very big creature. Although he is pretty big, he can usually steal things from other characters without them knowing. He is competitive with just about everyone, and will do whatever it takes to win!


Petey Piranha Form (unlocked by beating all mini-games on hard mode)

Diddy Kong Form (unlocked by unlocking every character.)

He is very sly and powerful. His powerfulness puts him over the top when it comes to choosing playable characters. He can bite people to take their stars and he never loses.

GalacticPetey Godzilla form.jpg

Burning Form (unlocked when everything else has been unlocked.) GalacticPetey joins the party! Appearing in Godzilla form, he will do anything to obtain coins and stars. Even if it means torching a few other partiers.
Pokémon Trainer Red

Mario and Luigi 1.png

Luigi form (unlocked by playing as PTR 50 times) Pokémon Trainer Red is a great partier. He is very competitive and is a good sport. He loves to party, and will party wherever, whenever.


2D Toad85 (unlocked by scoring two stars in Jake's minigame)

Wizard Suit (unlocked by winning Tourney mode as Toad85 on medium or higher)

Mr. '85 (unlocked by playing 3,500 total games)

Toad85 is a smug smart-aleck with an excellent strategic mind. He can work your mind to his advantage, and his speed can make him a sly trickster and formidable opponent. However, he is known for throwing tantrums when things don't go his way.


Snozzy (unlockable by playing all boards with Mariao) Mariao is an Aussie Mario. Nuff Said.


Bowser Memory Form (Unlocked when you finish Neptune's Body) Bandit Form ( Unlocked by playing 2,000 minigames and collecting 1,000 Coins in total. Bandit can steal 15 coins from a user if he passes him/her.) Superstarman64 is a boss at minigames.

RB4761 True Form.png

Bob-omb Form (Unlocked by playing as Randombob-omb4761 50 times in minigames and win all)

Shiny Diamond Randombob-omb4761 (Unikitty Form) (Unlocked by beating all minigames)

Randombob-omb4761 is a Unikitty that likes to throw Yellow Lynx bombs everywhere.


Rosalina Form (Unlocked by getting 13 000 coins in total and winning 10 minigames) Stargazing is a new user (unlocked by winning 5 minigames), however, being new won't stop her from smacking down the other players!


  • Red Space
  • Blue Space
  • Green Space
  • Secret Path Space (goes somewhere secret on the board)
  • Troll Space (acts like Bowser Space but with trolls)
  • 5-Coin Space (once passed, you get 5 coins)


The following trolls appear on the Troll Space

Board Hosts

No More

Tourney Mode

The game starts when you choose your character. You then get your picture in the tournament bracket. You must beat a set amount of people and win the last game to become victor. You then might unlock something, or not. Once you complete the Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard levels you get to do the last mode, Extreme, which makes the tourney 2 times longer. Once you complete it, you go against the final boss, Peachycakes, in order to win the game. You then unlock her once you're done.


Do NOT add anything. NSM is working on this section

Item Name Description
Double Dice


The Double Dice, allows players to roll two dice blocks instead of just one.
Triple Dice


The Triple Dice, being more powerful than the Double Dice, allows you to roll three dice blocks instead of just one.
Duel Dice


The Duel Dice, allows you to roll 2 dice. The first player you come across will have to duel you in a Duel minigame, and fight for your coins or stars.
Warp Pipe


The Warp Pipe allows you to warp right to the star. If you have enough money, you can buy the star.
Brick Block


The Brick Block allows you to roll two dice. Any player you pass, you take 10 of their coins.


Hamburgers can only be bought in Jake's Junkyard. Feed them to him for stars. A different kind of hamburger, a Double Cheeseburger without Ketchup, are found in UltraMario Land, and have the same effect.


The boot allows you to kick any players you pass, back to start.


The Boulder allows you to destroy half of the coins, of the people you pass.
Ski Mask


The Ski Mask lets you steal an item from a player
Teleport Dice


The Teleport Dice, allow you to teleport to a player of your choice, and roll from there.


Neptune will be designing emblems. DO NOT add anything, unless you are Neptune


Feel free to add songs
Main Themes

Character Themes

Board Themes


You may add any minigames you want, unless deleted by NSM. Only 20 in each category though.


  • Rat Race - This game features a rat running around in Cheese Meadows. Each player runs around trying to catch the running rat. Who ever does wins the coins.
  • Sugar Rush - In this game, you are riding a piece of candy in a factory. You must get to the end to win, and you can hit sugar packs to go faster.
  • Homerunners - In this game, each player swings a baseball at a pitch. Whoever can hit it the farthest, wins.
  • Coin Blocks - In this game, players keep hitting a Brick Block. Whoever gets all the coins out first wins.
  • Lucky Light - In this game, each player chooses a candle. All candles will begin to lose their light, and whoever has their light the longest wins. The game is only based on luck.
  • New Wikisburg Race - A race around New Wikisburg. Whoever gets to the other side of town first, wins. You have to avoid obstacles, like pedestrians, and other cars.
  • A Doze a Dozen - In this game, The players have to carefully walk through a path and carefully avoid the Chain Chomps that are in their way. If they touch one of the Chain Chomps, they will be attacked and knocked out. The first player to make it to the end or be the last one standing wins.
  • Head over Wheels - In this mini-game, players have to race in their karts around an obstacle track. While they go around the track three times, there will be tires and cones lying around, as well as oil spills. First one to cross the finish line after three laps wins.
  • Bitensweet ending - In this game, players have to make their way on a sugary cake and eat as much of their colored-coded toppings as possible. Whoever eats thirty first wins the game.
  • For Boos the Bell Tolls - In this game, players will be in a area with a cage on each four corners. Each player has to round up their color-coded boos and use the bell to sent them scattering away from you. The first person to have all their boos in their cage wins.
  • Wiggler Round-Up - In this game, players will be riding on a kart. There are 50 Wigglers scattered all over the level, along with many obstacles you need to dodge. Whoever gets the most Wigglers in 60 seconds wins.
  • Destruction Derby - In this game, the four players are made giant and see who can cause the most destruction in a city. Whoever destroys the most buildings wins,

1 v.s 3

  • Bomb Dodge - In this game, 1 player is shooting bombs out of a cannon, onto the other players, trying to get them all out.
  • Seeking - In Seeking, 3 players have to choose a spot to hide in a small house. They can choose between, under a bed, in a sink cabinet, in a closet, in the bathtub, outside the window, behind the tv, or up on the stairs. If the 1 player finds all the players with a certain amount of seeks, they win.
  • Escape the Flood - 1 player has a water pump, using it to fill up a lake with water (rather quickly if done properly) and all the other players has to escape before being smothered by the water. The alone player wins if they fill up the lake and catch the others. The team of 3 wins if at least one isn't caught by the water after 30 seconds.
  • Behind empty lines - In the mini-game, the solo player will be on top of a wall while the three other players have to try and shoot the player off with cannons. If the solo player is knocked off, the three players win, but if they cannot not the solo player off after 30 seconds, the solo player wins.
  • Falling in low - The three players in this game have to run around in a dark maze, trying to avoid the solo player with the flashlight. If at least one of the three players survive when 60 seconds are up, they win. If they are all caught, the solo player wins.
  • Frisk in a Barrel - The solo player is trapped within a massive barrel while the players have to try to fish them out of the water. The solo player wins if they survive the thirty seconds, but loses if one of the three fisher catches them.
  • Holes in the course The solo player must create holes in a race course before one of the 3 players reaches the end. When the solo player is restocking on bombs used to destroy the course they can choose to slow the drivers down.


  • Troll Capture - In this game, you must capture the troll before your opponent does
  • Rock 'em Sock 'em - In Rock 'em Sock 'em, you and your opponent battle it out in the rink, until one wins.
  • Of Mince and Men - In this mini-game, opponent will be tossed items that they have to chop with their swords into pieces. The first player to completely slice three items into bits win.
  • Au Rivet - For this game, each player has to stay in the dark to avoid a Shy Guy that is chasing them with a flashlight. Their are many obstacles players can hide behind to avoid the shyguy. The player to not get caught wins.

2 v.s 2

  • Toad Trampolines - In this game, you and your partner carry a trampoline. There is a net, dividing the two teams. The teams must hit Toad over the net, until one team, can't catch him. If it doesn't end in a minute, it's a tie.
  • Feed Jake-In your teams, you have to grab low-hanging hamburgers, and other meat and toss it in Jake's mouth. Different foods are worth different points, and it you toss in celery, you lose 10 points. Whoever has the most points after 40 seconds, wins.
  • Cry me a Rival - In teams, you hop into a canoe and paddle your way down rapids, racing each other. You have to avoid the rocks, as if you ram into one, you spin off course for a few seconds. First one to the end wins.
  • A rise by any other..." - In this minigame, teams of two have to scale a beanstalk leading up to a cloud. In order to climb up it, they need to press the commands that are shown. If they don't press it fast enough, or press the wrong button, they start to slide down. Whoever reaches the top first wins.
  • Aeronyms - In this sky-high mini-game, each team are one a glider. One of them mains the steering while the other fires piantballs. As they fly around in the area, they need to shoot two targets that are identical to each other. Only one pair is correct while the others have something off about them. Players can fire at each other to delay them as well. First team to get three pairs correct win.


  • Ignorance is Burst - In this game, players have to go through a mansion by entering through doors. Almost all doors will either lead to the next room, while one will have a bob-omb behind it ready to explode. Whoever has the bob-omb door will be out while the others continue on. As players are knocked out and more rooms are entered, less and less doors will be avaliable. When only one player stands, they will reach the end of the mansion.
  • Worth a thousand Directions - In this mini-game, players start out in a different corner of a huge labyrinth, and they have to reach the middle of the course. As they move, the walls of the maze move around, making new paths while blocking old paths. The first one to the middle wins.
  • Race Under the Turf - In this game, all four players will be automatically running at the same speed in a 2D underground stage. Almost all the time there will be gaps the player must jump over or else they'll fall and be eliminated. Sometimes there may be huge gaps with platforms lined up together to get across, therefore needing to make really quick consecutive jumps. The last one standing wins.