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Member of: Super Mario Wiki
Rank User (Former Bureaucrat)
Species Yoshi
Gender Male
Personal information IRL name: Gavin

Wayoshi, Chatroom

Wayoshi is a retired user of the Super Mario Wiki. He was one of the first users to become a bureaucrat and was a very good user respected by many. During his reign as a bureaucrat, he became famous for the high standard of professionalism he set for the wiki's patrollers and sysops, as well as his no-nonsense work ethic. He dislikes Userpedia and considers user culture an affront to the wiki's reputation, as well as a distraction from the proper responsibilities of a user.

After a number of scandals involving abusing his powers and spamming the Chatroom under the name Willy, Wayoshi gave up his powers in 2008, until he was reinstated as a sysop per an unorthodox vote. However, he was later demoted again after threatening to nuke the wiki. He retired in 2009.

Today, Wayoshi can be found on YouTube under the name WayoshiM, where he passes the time documenting his game records, as well as episodes of Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right.



Wayoshi created his account in 2006, when the wiki was very young. Only the great Son of Suns and Ghost Jam, besides Porplemontage, were active at the time. Soon after, HK-47 and WarioLoaf joined the fray, and over the summer more users bloomed.

The Powers

Porplemontage promoted both Wayoshi and HK-47 at the same time into sysops on July 24, 2006. Both used their powers appropriately, and the wiki went on to great heights during their reign. Wayoshi was later promoted to the powerful bureaucrat on March 17, 2007. He and Porplemontage served side by side as the wiki's only two bureaucrats for many months.

Bureaucratic Work and the Wiki Awards

As a bureaucrat, Wayoshi focused his editing efforts on grunt work, formatting, and wiki policy. A CSS expert, he created many templates and set a standard for CSS formatting on the wiki. Along with his fellow sysops, he created many Pipe Projects and helped give rise to The 'Shroom. Due to their frequent collaborative efforts, sysops Son of Suns, Wayoshi and Sadaharu are remembered as the First Tenacious Three.

Arguably Wayoshi's greatest enduring contribution to the MarioWiki during this era was the annual MarioWiki Anniversary awards ceremony, which continues to this day. Wayoshi created the Awards in 2007. He served as Head, Manager and Director of the MarioWiki Awards for four consecutive years before stepping down after the 2010 ceremony.

First Downfall


Over the course of the years, Wayoshi became a somewhat contentious user. He became infamous for his stodgy, no-nonsense nature as a bureaucrat, and while some believe his authoritarian administrative style was good for the wiki, others became jealous of his power or concluded that it had corrupted him. His actions drove some users away from the wiki for good. Then, the worst happened: Wayoshi became a form of Willy, one of the worst trolls.

This sockpuppet of Wayoshi first showed up in the Chatroom shortly after the infamous "March of the Willys," at a time when it would be easy to believe that Willy was, in fact, a sockpuppet of Willy on Wheels.

As Willy, Wayoshi's main attempts at breaking Chatroom rules involved impersonating Sysops with hopes of being an Op and kicking others out of the room, although he later switched his focus to being perverse; he often targeted Beanbean (it is rumored that Willy's dream was to one day marry Beanbean, a feat that he did indeed try once in chat). In addition, Willy confronted users' religious beliefs in a mean-spirited and bullying manner, sending Sadaharu into a blaze of righteous vindication.

Around this time, Wayoshi's abuses in Chat as well as his general power abuses - the tipping point being the implementation of new signature rules on the wiki without telling anyone - earned him the ire of Sadaharu, his rival and one-time brother-in-arms. Saudy unleashed his now infamous original "Tezuka Zone" on Wayoshi, a long-winded callout telling him to back down.

Although Wayoshi accidentally left subtle hints that he was Willy's true form, only KPH2293 caught on to him. Wayoshi then starting admitting to users (such as Knife) that he was the one causing the problems. Eventually, he announced publicly that he was Willy, and although Wayoshi was forgiven by most users, he decided that he could only make it right by demoting himself.

Even though Porplemontage gave Wayoshi a second chance, Wayoshi decided to retire from his administrative duties, coming to the conclusion that his condition prohibited him from controlling the user community, and there was no way to save him. He was demoted on June 25, 2007. After this, he decided to travel the wiki as Wayoshi the Wise, offering rare coding help to users that seek it, as well as giving tips to new and experienced sysops alike.

Another Shot at Administration and Fall from Grace

He became a sysop again during an unorthodox vote started by Pokemon DP. He was resysoped on September 1, 2007.

Wayoshi continued to act condescending - and sometimes perverted - toward other users both on the wiki and in chat. He was becoming more and more inactive everyday, until he eventually edited nothing but his user pages. Despite his extreme inactivity, Wayoshi still felt that he was perhaps the best Sysop on the wiki. He was becoming extremely arrogant; in fact, his arrogance was beginning to get in the way of his work, but he refused to notice it.

After quite some time, Wayoshi seemed to be improving his personality. He even gladly welcomed Super-Yoshi to the Sysop group, though he still had some harsh feelings towards him. Wayoshi was improving gradually, until one day — the day Grapes was promoted to Sysop. Wayoshi became infuriated with Porplemontage, flaming and insulting him without reason. He was acting irrationally, when suddenly, the idea hit him to create a band of people against Steve.

Wayoshi first recruited Glowsquid and Stooben Rooben. He felt they would be the best choices for teaming up. He then turned to Super-Yoshi. Before long, Pokemon DP, Phoenix Rider, Stumpers, Time Q, and even Ghost Jam were aware of his plans. A special board made on Stooben's forums — The Xephyr Board — was created for the meetings that these people would hold. They were all talking of how to get Porplemontage demoted, but certain issues would pop up, such as: who would take over the site, who would pay for the site (had it needed pay), and if Porplemontage could be demoted. After only 3 days, Stooben had made an extremely large post, explaining his thoughts on the whole situation. He was defending Steve's action as well as Grapes's position, all the while explaining why the wiki was perhaps so bad off.

After a few hours, Stooben forwarded this post to Porplemontage in chat. Porplemontage responded after reading it, saying "I like this idea". After a total of four minutes, Porplemontage demoted RAP and Cobold. He then promoted Stooben, Stumpers, and Time Q to Bureaucrat, something many users had requested. All the actions in those four minutes were a part of Stooben's speech with the exception of his own promotion. After hearing of this, Wayoshi became even more infuriated.

Another two days had passed before Wayoshi returned to the wiki. On that day, Wayoshi had made threats against the wiki that frightened the Sysops. Wayoshi threatened to delete thousands of articles using Nuke DPL. He claimed that he had around twenty tabs open on his computer, all prepared to annihilate up to 100 articles in a second. Panicked that he couldn't access the wiki at the time, Stooben quickly queried Glowsquid in chat. They both ranted and raved for a moment, when Stooben finally gave Glowsquid his password. Glowsquid went into user rights management and accidentally promoted Wayoshi to Bureaucrat and Bot; however, not even a minute later, Glowsquid demoted Wayoshi to user. On December 7, 2008, Wayoshi was stripped of his Sysop powers, never to regain them again. That very same day, his Global Moderator powers on the MarioWiki Forums had been taken away, leaving Wayoshi a powerless user.


Though Wayoshi still comes online occasionally, he claims that he will never return to full activity. He often claimed that he would retire, though his goal was to make sure the wiki would be safe without him. He began to feel better when he became a regular user again; he's apologized to many users and has become a little kinder yet again. During From August 2009 – November 2009, he had a small boost of activity planning the awards and creating some templates. On 1 November 2009, he officially announced his retirement.

He served his last year as head of the Awards Committee in 2010. He was last sighted editing the wiki in February 6 2016.


Comic Appearances

Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, Wayoshi is a villain throughout most of the series (although in the beginning he was actually a good user and willing to help Porple recover the left behind users), becoming an actual troll and starts having a relationship with Peachycakes, although he becomes perverted and almost marries Beanbean as well. However, a long the way he is killed by Porplemontage himself.

Friday Night Live

In the comedy talk show, Friday Night Live, Paper Jorge and his pet Doshi storm into his house in New Wikisburg and turn his home theater room into a stage and invite some users to come and watch (only Luigi3000 shows up, plus a cameraman). Jorge records himself talking and then posts it across the wiki and actually makes people come to his show. Wayoshi disliked this idea at first but in the end lets Jorge keep the home theater. Wayo is constantly seen throughout the show, always plotting some ways to ban Jorge's show from MarioWikian TV, as seen in Episode 2.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Wayoshi reprises his role from Friday Night Live in the sequel, in a more sinister fashion. The plot takes Jorge back to Wayoshi's former house to host his talk show there, and once Wayoshi learns of this, he begins plotting how to kick him out in Episode 2. He takes Jorge to court in Episode 4 to try and legally kick him out of his former house, but Wayoshi loses the court battle. In the same episode, he teams up with Captain Collision and attempts to take over the wiki in a massive tank. Blocky manages to defeat him two separate times, both times with a kick. In Episode 8, he works on Turboo's Derpy_Hooves bot and converts it into a killing machine. It is revealed by the episode's end, that though the bot would say threatening things, it lacked any actual powers or attacks, and thus, was an useless killing machine.

Story Appearances

It Began With a Dream

Wayoshi also appears in Marioguy1's story It Began With a Dream as a member of the Mariowiki Resistance who fought against the Trolls. He is one of the few users left when Stooben Rooben takes over the command of the resistance and is one of the three who infiltrate the troll's main base and free the prisoners (Stooben Rooben, him and Super-Yoshi). After freeing the prisoners he advanced to Rudnicki's chamber where they had a final battle with him and the Mastermind Troll and freed the New Mariowiki.

Game Appearances

Wiki RPG

Wayoshi is a playable character in the RPG game Wiki RPG.

  • HP: 15
  • Attack
    • Physical: 2
    • Block Eggs: 3
  • Defense: 0

Star Wiki RPG

Wayoshi is a playable character in Star Wiki RPG. He is quite a strong fighter in battle but he only battles for fun. In one of the chapters, LilBooster joins the party and suggests that they go to Wayoshi's place in Fairlymore. The gang arrives at Wayoshi's house and ask for a challenge. He accepts. When your battling Wayoshi, he will give you tips in battle. The tips are:

  • Remember to Heal!
  • Always be aware of your enemy's attack power.
  • Defense is very vital.
  • HP: 30
  • Attack: 7
  • Super Attack: 15
  • Defense: 4


  • Tongue Poke - Quickly pokes you with his tongue doing 7HP damage.
  • Fire Breath - Breathes fire at all enemies doing 15HP damage.
  • Egg Toss - Throws a green spotted egg at one enemy doign 15HP damage.
  • Tease - Jumps around one enemy giving the enemy the Confused Status for 4 turns.

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