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Willy on Wheels

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This article is about the infamous wiki troll. For information about the Chatroom troll who impersonated him, see Willy.
Willy on Wheels
Species Troll, Paint Roller
Likes Chaos, disorder, wheels
Aliases Wheely Willy, Willy, WoW, too many sockpuppets (with various names) to count

Wheely Willy is back on wheels...On Wheels! And there's gonna be a great spam revolution on wheels. On Wheels!

A Willy on Wheels sockpuppet

Willy on Wheels is the most legendary wiki vandal of all time, who is said to haunt the nightly dreams of Jimbo Wales. Willy and his imitators have attacked countless wikis, including the Super Mario Wiki.

His most famous method of spam involves moving random pages to "[Page title] on wheels."



The original Willy was active on Wikipedia from 2004-2005, where he launched a trolling career that spawned hundreds of sockpuppets. His original modus operandi was to blank pages, replacing all content with "{{PAGENAME}} has been vandalized by Willy on Wheels"1. However, he later adopted a new methodology, for which the troll has become famous: using Special:Randompage and moving multiple pages to "[Page title] on wheels!", dealing as much damage as possible before being blocked.

The New York Times called him "a legendary Wikipedia user"2, and The Guardian referred to him as "an infamous vandal"3. Naturally, a troll this prolific would spawn imitators, and it soon became a principle that any wiki site worth its salt would eventually be attacked by a Willy on Wheels sockpuppet. It is improbable that the collective work of every Willy on every wiki is the doing of one person, but rather, it's more likely that any number of trolls have taken up the mantle and methodology of this now legendary Wikipedia user.

While the motivation behind the original Willy on Wheels account is unknown, an early sockpuppet4 claimed allegiance with the notorious Something Awful troll group the GNAA and said he did what he did as an "anti-cabal" statement against Wikipedia's exclusive administration. However, it's likely that most Willy sockpuppets just do what they do for fun, with no ulterior motive.

Super Mario Wiki

The earliest documented Willy attack on the Super Mario Wiki occurred in 2006. Willy was blocked by Son of Suns, and most of his handiwork was undone by SoS and HK-47. HK's work undoing the spam gave him a lot of clout with the higher-ups, and it's said that his duel against Willy played a major role in the decision to promote him to one of the wiki's original four sysops.

Since then, dozens of Willys have attacked the wiki. In one particularly notable event in March 2007, a number of Willy sockpuppets attacked the wiki in succession, in an event remembered as the "March of the Willys." 3Dejong, Dry bones, Great Gonzo, Max2, Paper Jorge, Super paper luigi and YellowYoshi398 banded together to revert the spam.

In the months following this event, a troll known as Willy appeared in the #mariowiki IRC channel, harassing users and attempting to get opped so he could kick everyone else out of the room. For a time, it was thought that the same Willy behind the "March" was responsible for this sockpuppet, but in truth "Willy" was none other than Wayoshi, attempting to use the recent attacks as a scapegoat to vent his frustration on his fellow Chat users.

In Userpedia Works

In Userpedia fan works, Willy on Wheels appears as an unedited sprite of Paint Roller, a boss from the Kirby series. This runs counter to the appearance of the original Willy on Wheels from Wikipedia, who is most iconically associated with this image of a vintage Willys Knight automobile (quite literally - a Willy on wheels).

Oftentimes, comics visualize Willy's most famous method of spamming as Willy literally appending wheels to the various subjects of the MarioWiki's articles, and sending them to attack the well-meaning users of the wiki.

In Wiki's End, Willy on Wheels does not appear as Paint Roller, but rather as a red-outlined silhouette of a hatless Mario (the appearance now associated with Wayoshi's Willy form). This incarnation of Willy is a shapeshifter, able to transform into a silhouette of Ghost Jam with a red outline, for example.


Wiki's End

Many of Willy on Wheels' sockpuppets appear in Wiki's End (called just Willy for short). Here, the sockpuppets are almost everywhere and very easy to defeat. The real Willy on Wheels, then appears in the begining of Chapter 4, where he is just called Willy for short as well. Peachycakes gives him the task of getting Wayoshi to join the dark side, a hard task that Willy accepts. Later, Willy on Wheels sends his sockpuppets to attack DarkInsanity. After Dark defeats them all, Willy on Wheels comes ready to fight DarkInsanity. It is then revealed that Willy can turn into any user's shape and the fight begins.

Trolls' Island

Willy on Wheels appeared in the second chapter of Trolls' Island, where he disturbs peace in Hack-Hack Beach, which isn't protected by administrators. Mr bones helps Fuzzipede27 to defeat him and restore peace to the beach. His sockpuppet ability wasn't introduced in this fiction. Another character named Game Ruiner has it instead of him. However, he has power to make his drawings come to life, which can only be erased by Fuzzipede27's paintbrush.

A Spammers Revenge

Willy on Wheels has been revealed to be the main villain throughout A Spammers Revenge. He is noted to be working with Jakebastille, Munchlax and Glasses.


Willy on Wheels appears in Eight as one of the Eight heroes. Though a spammer, he is pursuaded by Neptune99 to join his group. Willy is known throughout the series to be very unknowing of the Wiki World. He wields Fargarar, a Spam Wand from the dark realm.


In MarioWiki: Clash, Willy on Wheels appears briefly, after kidnapping many users. Then, Dry Bones leaves, enters his Captain Obvious suit, and scares WoW away.


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