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Yoshi876's catchphrase
Member of: Super Mario Wiki
Rank Sysop
Species Yoshi
Location England
Join date 3 January, 2013
Gender Male
Specialty/Most Active Reverting vandalism
Aliases Yoshi, Y876, Demidevimon, Agent Smith, Duskull, Thermidor 2, Jim McGinn, Headless Spectre, Duke Devlin, Grim, Uncle Deadly
Score 18,000+ edits
Age 17

Yoshi876 (Duskull on the forums) is a Sysop, director of The 'Shroom Spotlight as well as director of Pipe Plaza and a member of the Awards Committee. He registered on 3 January 2013 and has been editing ever since.


Finding the wiki

Yoshi876 found the wiki in the Summer of 2011 after searching 'List of Mario Enemies' on Google. He was surprised to see so many enemies from so many games and started browsing through them. At this point he decided against joining the wiki because he thought it'd be like some video streaming sites where you have to pay to have an account, and he also thought the wiki was doing fine without him.

On December 26 2012, Yoshi876 noticed that new enemies that had appeared in Paper Mario: Sticker Star weren't on the enemies page so he decided to add, however as he'd never edited a wiki before he didn't know about the edit tab at the top of the page so he went and added them individually, until YoshiKong told him about it.

Joining the wiki

As aforementioned, Yoshi876 joined the wiki on 3 January, 2013 after thoroughly reading the requirements for FAs. He thought that Boo would be a good article to nominate, but he discovered that he had to become autoconfirmed before he could make the nomination page so he just added some supports/opposes. When he did become autoconfirmed, Yoshi876 didn't nominate Boo to become featured, but instead nominated an article to become unfeatured as is possessed a construction template. In his early days Yoshi876 didn't edit the wiki much and mainly focused on minor spelling and grammatical issues.

Finding the Recent Changes

Eventually Yoshi876 found the Recent Changes, which is where he now spends most of his days. He found it extremely useful in navigating the wiki and usually looked at the changes users had made whilst removing unneeded information from articles. This eventually founded most of Yoshi876's career as he is now usually found looking at so he can remove unneeded information and fight vandalism.

First projects

Yoshi876's first accomplishment was getting the article Toad Town featured. However, one of his biggest achievements came on 28 March 2013 when after consulting with YoshiKong and Glowsquid he remade the article Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 and then did the category work for about 8 hours, crashing his laptop 3 times in the process. He also helped Robecuba create several articles for some of the ghosts from the recently released game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. On the 20 April with the help of YoshiKong and Megadardey, Yoshi876 nominated Yoshi's Island DS to become a featured article and eventually succeeded on 11 May 2013, during this time Yoshi876 also saved Smithy from being unfeatured after removing all the flowery writing on the page.

The 'Shroom

Yoshi876 was accepted into The 'Shroom on the 14 July 2013, and he writes the Obituaries section for the Fake News. Two months later he applied for the Featured position at Pipe Plaza and was accepted. When YoshiKong decided to retire from The 'Shroom Spotlight, he nominated Yoshi876 and GBAToad to be co-directors. The duo then drafted a draft and it was accepted. Yoshi876 and GBAToad were promoted to 'Shroom Core Staff on 7 January 2014, two days after Yoshi876's 17th birthday, GBAToad stepped down from Spotlight manager in Issue XC. Yoshi876 also writes What's on the Box? and Ongoing Fan Projects for Palette Swap, Quiz for Fun Stuff, and is also the director of Pipe Plaza. Yoshi876 won the award for Favourite New Writer during the 2014 Anniversary Awards, he was placed third in Favourite Leading Staff.


Yoshi876 was promoted to a Patroller on 22 March 2014. Yoshi876 frequently blocks vandals as well as those who break the rules. Even if he is not logged into the wiki he has it open on Recent Changes so he can make sure nothing bad is happening. He also assists users when they come to him with issues.


Currently, Yoshi876 is just doing what he usually does which is look out for bad edits, vandals and trolls to help keep the wiki in tip-top condition. Whilst he has several planned goals, and being the great procrastinator that he is he keeps putting them off. He can be found on the forums and he still remains there, mainly for friendships and 'Shroom stuff. He can also be found on Chat for the same reason, though this is less frequent.


Yoshi876 takes the appearance of a muscular Yoshi with a beard and the number 876 across his chest.

Appearances in fiction

Yoshi876 is due to appear in CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play, however what role he has and how important it is has not yet been revealed.

Dragon Problem

Being Walkazo's loyal minion gets 876 into a lot of sticky situations.

Yoshi876 appeared as a major supporting character in I heard you have a dragon problem?. He was the loyal, long-suffering minion of the local librarian, Walkazo, first shown bringing her a shotgun for her battle against Mr. Edo and then later both aiding and assisting her in the fight. After the library burns down, he drives her to City Hall, which to his chagrin, despite he bloody mess she makes of his car. She thanks him by firing him, although she feels it is for his own good, as she is planning a kamikaze mission against the evil Mayor Mario. Distressed by the turn of events, 876 crashes his car into a tree and is reunited with Mr. Edo outside Neurario's autobody shop. After hearing the true story of the town, Edo sneaks off to help save Walkazo, and 876 and Edo's own sidekick, Marowak, follow in 876's car, which he then crashes into the cantankerous Ghost Jam outside a barrier surrounding City Hall. Fortunately, 876 somehow convinces Ghost Jam to levitate his car up and then crash it through the barrier so that he can try and save his ex-boss, but she is simply angry and ungrateful about it at first. Despise her repeated insistence that he run away and save himself, throughout the final battle, 876 once again provides backup for Walkazo and later buys enough time for Marowak to turn the tides of the fight, amassing large amounts of injuries in the process. After she defeats Mario, Walkazo decides to rebuild the library, to 876's great pleasure (as it means she will rehire him), and he is last seen helping her throw the bodies of Mario and his sidekick, Starlow, into a bonfire.


Yoshi876 is a calm and relaxed user who feels most at home being sarcastic to trolls. He is also carefree and does things, such as singing or dancing, despite having no talent in them. He is also willing to due any challenge that he is set as long as it doesn't have serious consequences or could cause moderate to severe bodily harm.

In real life Yoshi876 is an extremely dark and secluded person, but is well liked by his peers due to his twisted sense of humour, which allows him to make jokes on any subject, with murder and death being a favourite. Yoshi876 is also described in real life as an almost Goth and has joked that all he needs to become one is make-up and black hair-dye.

Due to Yoshi876's humour many of his friends have recommended him a career in comedy, and due to his love of comedy he plans to do so. He also has an in interest in death and is considering a career in funeral care and during the time off he would be focusing on a stand-up comedy routine and writing a novel.

Yoshi876 identifies himself as bisexual.

Relations with other users

Yoshi876 gets on with most people on the Mario Wiki and its other forms of media, however there are a few users who he does dislike. He is usually tolerant of those he dislikes, but if finds them annoying enough he feels they can join his special ignore list. Although he likes most people, there are only four people he would want to meet off the wiki, those being YoshiKong, GBAToad, LeftyGreenMario and Anton.


<World10>: I want a good reason to know why a used TTYD is more expensive than a used Gamecube
<Yoshi876>: Simple, a Gamecube could be used as a murder weapon so therefore you don't want to spend loads of money for something that'll be taken by the police
<World10>: ^ good one
<Megadardery>: lol

Yoshi876 provides a good reason.

<N64dude>: imagine having a birthday everyday!
<Yoshi876>: You'd get old quick and die

Yoshi876 being optimistic as usual.

<Madikoopa>: How is everyone
<Yoshi876>: I'm slowly dying inside
<Madikoopa>: Lovely

Yoshi876 livening the mood.

<GBAToad>: "Released to mixed critical reception, the film gained notoriety for it's inaccurate representation of the MarioWiki administrative team and it's lengthy overdramatisation of the editing proccess. Despite this, the film has achieved cult status among some circles, citing Nicolas Cage's portrayal of M4E as the sole reason for it's popularity."
<Yoshi876>The film was however praised by the completely unbiased independent film reviewer Yoshi876, who said that the film was humourous, exciting and almost definitely didn't go over the top with the girls.

The MarioWiki film directed by the always unbiased Yoshi876

<Yoshi876>Banana needs an expansion *insert your own dirty joke here*.

Yoshi876's proudest moment as a 'Shroom writer

<Spark>: (ha, gaaaay)
<Yoshi876>: Bi actually, get it right
<YoshiKong>: Yea sprak
<YoshiKong>: Ita is a nice name
<YoshiKong>: d)
<Crash>: hah, he's a bicycle
<Yoshi876>: Yeah, I let anyone ride me
<YoshiKong>: Who spokes
<Crash>: oh damn
<Crash>: that was a good one
<Yoshi876>: Thanks
<YoshiKong>: You never forget to ride a bike. Same with y876

Yoshi876 displaying his kind of humour


  • Yoshi876's proudest achievement is the fact that he has a goatee. He's also pretty proud with that fact that he managed to get Chat active after posting on the forum that someone got banned, when they complained about it.
  • Yoshi876's birthday is 5 January.
  • Even though Yoshi876 joined the wiki to nominate Boo to become an FA he has never fully attempted to do so.
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