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Yoshidude Yoshi Form.png
Rank Site Order
  • Super Mario Wiki- User
  • Fantendo- User
  • MarioWiki Forums- Star Spirit
  • Bandipedia(Crashfreak99)-Site Leader,Sysop
  • Userpedia- User
Species Yoshi
Gender Male
Likes Mario, Sonic ,Crash Bandicoot, Star Wars(very big fan), Swimming, Bowser
Age 12

Yoshidude99 (also sometimes called Yoshidude) is a user on the Mario Wiki, Fantendo and the site leader on Bandipedia. He joined Userpedia on July 23, 2011.

Finding the Mario Wiki

Yoshidude99 found the Mario Wiki when he was looking for info on one of his favourite Mario games, Super Mario Galaxy 2. He looked around the site for a while then made an account in November. His first friend was YoshiGo99 and they have been best friends on the Wiki. YoshiGo99 helped him and they talked a lot.

On Fantendo

YoshiGo99 told Yoshidude he should join Fantendo. When he looked around he decided to create an account. His first game he created was Mario and Luigi: Paper Combine which he is working on with YoshiGo99 and Kierandelta6 his other friend. One of his new games is Super Mario Galaxy Kart.

Physical Information

Yoshidude is a green Yoshi with red eyes. He looks a lot like a normal Yoshi but his eyes are the only difference. When he is in his Bowser form, his neck down to his feet are red. Some say it looks like he has a sun tan on him. He is a smaller version of Bowser but looks like him except for color.


Yoshidude99 - Yoshi Form

In his Yoshi form Yoshidude99 can flutter jump high and attack with his Tounge.

Yoshidude99 - Bowser Form

In his Bowser form Yoshidude99 has more powerful attacks and can breath fire.

Yoshidude99 - Crash Bandicoot Form

In his Crash Bandicoot form Yoshidude can use all the abillites of Crash Bandicoot and has higher HP.

Fantendo Games

Mario and Luigi: Paper Combine

Super Mario Galaxy Kart

Mario Kart S(with Kiernanddelta6)



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