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Member of: 3-Point List
  • 1:Mario Wiki
  • 2:MarioWiki Forums
  • 3:Userpedia
Rank 3-Point List
Species Yoshi
Gender Male
Allies Everybody except trolls.
Likes Video games, good books, and pizza.
Dislikes Bad books, Bad grammar, and 100 degree weather.
Aliases Midbus, twinArmageddons, gallowsCalibrator, Game_and_Waker, Luke Skywalker, Waker, Pansage, Zoroark, Yoshiwalker, caligulasAquarium
Score 3-Point List
  • 1:1500+ edits
  • 2:4000+ posts
  • 3:100+ edits
Age 17 years (Real Life), 5 years (Wiki World)

Yoshiwaker (formerly Yoshiwaker47), is a user of the Super Mario Wiki, it's forums, and Userpedia. He is a semi-active user who is generally kind to everybody.


A New Wiki Noob

Yoshiwaker found the wiki in early September. He thought it was interesting and also found some articles that needed help, so decided to make an account. He made a few mistakes at first and especially was confused with coding, but he caught on eventually.

Forum Fun

In the middle of January, Yoshiwaker discovered the forum when he heard about The 'Shroom's mafia game that was being hosted. He didn't understand at all what it was, but he later decided to join the forum on January 17. He soon became an active part of the community, and made many new friends in his time there.

He later discovered the Mafia board, and began to sign up for a few games. The first game he was a part of was in QuizmoManiac's Outsiders mafia game, in which he replaced an inactive player. He later decided to create his first mafia game, which had a Super Mario Sunshine theme. In July, he became a member of the Mafia Hosts Guild.

His current name on the forum is Yoshiwalker.

A New Writer

Yoshiwaker joined the writing crew of The 'Shroom in February, making his first 'Shroom appearance in Issue XLVII. His section was the PipeProjects Seeking Contributors section of Pipe Plaza. This is currently his only position in The 'Shroom.

Name Changing

On February 25, he requested a name change to drop the 47 off the end of his name. Later the same day, Porplemontage fulfilled his request.

Userpedia Account Get!

In February, around the time of his name change, he followed a link to Userpedia, where he wanted to make an account. However, account creation was locked, so he went into the chatroom and asked Castle Toad to make the account Yoshiwaker47 for him. Not much later, he requested a name change to Luke Skywalker. Yoshiwaker signed up for many comics and stories, and later started production of his own story, Lord of the Sysops.

More Well Known

Yoshiwaker has grown to become a well-known user in the Mario Wiki and Userpedia communities. He sometimes takes on some of his own projects, many of which relate to tense issues on articles. He has also joined a few PipeProjects. One thing he does commonly is revert spam until the spammer is blocked.

Fanon Appearances

Brawl of the Wiki

Yoshiwaker is one of the villains in Brawl of the Wiki. He first appeared in the seventh episode, where he is shown in Cheese Meadows along with SLNO. They started to walk back to New Wikisburg when they are ambushed by Peachycakes. Peachycakes is about to "trollify" SLNO when Yoshiwaker pushes SLNO out of the way so Yoshiwaker gets hit by the trollification ray. Yoshiwaker was later seen in the next episode alongside Peachycakes and Mason as one of the newly formed so-called "trolls". In this episode, however, his only piece of dialogue was "Great aim, Peachy!" when Peachycakes successfully hit Koopayoshi with another trollification ray.

He returns in episode 13, where he jumps out from behind a Thwomp ready to attack the heroes. However, right when he was about to attack, Neptune99 comes up behind him and burns him. He desperately asks to be put out with some water, and, instead of all of the heroes ignoring him, Scorpion999 makes a bucket of water appear out of no where and put him out. Everyone else got angry at Scorpion999 for doing that, SKmarioman points out that Yoshiwaker's dead anyway.


He first appeared in Issue 1, being dizzied by PyroGuy6 in his Spinia form. Pyro finally stops and suddenly everyone in the spy agency is called down to the main room, only to discover that a huge hole was blown through the middle. The apparent Bob-omb "boss" explains and they all go to the basement to see what happened. Two members of the search party suddenly act "wierd" and leave. Yoshiwaker is angered by the random behavior but right about then a nearby door suddenly opens. They all go inside but it turns out the bob-omb was enslaved by Phantom. The bob-omb teleports everyone except Yoshiwaker and Pyro. Suddenly, the two guys that left the search party earlier knock both of them unconcious and trophicate them. Yoshiwaker and Pyro's trophies are them pulled right into the Phantom Earth along with all of the spy headquarters.

In Issue 2 they are unintentionally revived by NSM's Dewott.



  • Yoshiwaker's name is commonly misread as "Yoshiwalker".
  • He is Dr. Javelin's brother.

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