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Zero777 Ruiji01 .jpg
Zero 777 Knight
oddly with a robotic left hand
Member of: Chronologically
  • Super Mario Wiki1
  • Super Mario Boards2
  • Userpedia3
  • Userpedia Forum4
  • User1
  • Star Spirit2
  • User3
  • Sr. Member4
  • (Soul-Dragon) Wooden Doll (X'ian)/Energy Vampire/Reaper
Location Castle of Illusions, Zero Corps. Tower, and other locations
Gender Male
Allies Castle Toad, Baby Mario Bloops, FunkyK38, Booman, GalacticPetey, Mason, New Super Mario, UltraMario3000, MCSoulja, Edofenrir, Ralphfan, Boshi II
Likes Video Games, Code Geass, World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2, Political Cartoons, Politics, Rock Music, Techno Music, Christianity
Dislikes Pessimism, Negativity, Extremist, Cussing, Rudeness, Insults, Put Downs, Cynicism
Specialty/Most Active Survival, Adventure, Fighting, Strategy
Aliases Zero, Zero Knight, Zero 777 Knight, Nesa 'Rezomee, Chavannes Harker Morrison Van Helsing
  • Super Mario Wiki: 3,500+
  • MarioWiki Forum: 10,100+
  • Userpedia: 2,600+
  • Userpedia Forum: 250+
  • Real life: 19
  • Wiki World: 7,919
Personal information Real Life Info
  • Date of Birth: March 24, 1994

I am Zero! ....... Zero signing out.

Zero777's infamous quote

Io Ghost Arbiter Commissar Shipmaster Supreme Dragon Master Knight Zero777, or simply Zero777, (full name Zero 777 Knight, but called Zero for short, originally named Nesa 'Rezomee. Also informally referred to as one of his titles followed by his first name) is a user on both the MarioWiki and Userpedia. Zero is infamous for his "I am Zero!" and "Zero signing out." heading and footing that he use to do, which annoyed a lot of users. Zero is also a user on the Super Mario Boards and Userpedia Forum, his username in the Super Mario Boards is Bamides, and Claire le Britannia in the Userpedia Forum.

Zero was a member of Userpedia's Featured Article Committee back in the day, starting at September 6, 2012.


MarioWiki History

Zero found the MarioWiki one day when he typed something Mario related down on Google and pressed the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button which redirect him to the MarioWiki. Later in that same month, he went back to it daily to look up random information from random articles for fun, mostly reading the trivia sections. He decided to become a user when he saw that the Bowser's Galaxy Reactor article could use more information.

Zero doesn't frequently make edits, even to this day, he is usually on the community pages. Zero was more involved with aiding the MarioWiki with proposals but he stopped doing that, and usually does a few edits from time to time.

Super Mario Boards History

Several months after getting a MarioWiki account he decided to get an account on the forum, back when it was still called the MarioWiki Forum, for two reasons: one, he was told that it is a lot of fun, and two, he needed an account to send his section of the Fake News, User Brawl, to Tucayo or Ralphfan, but Zero no longer uses it for the latter reason. Ever since then he has been a very active user on it. Zero use to change his display name every week, but then a display name change limit was made and now he changes his display name every month, so far all of the display names revolve around the Code Geass characters and knightmare frames.

Userpedia History

Zero first created an account when he decided to make an article on himself. Ever since then he made hundreds of edits on almost every user article and even created some articles. He use to be more active on Userpedia than he is on MarioWiki, partly do to the story he is writing.

Userpedia Forum History

Zero joined the forum to see what is going on over there and to see some new faces over there also. Zero is usually there for a few minutes check on thread updates; he's usually not there for long because of the low activity in that forum.

Chatroom History

Zero doesn't go that often to the chatrooms because he can never seem to fit that activity into his schedule. If he's there, he is usually found at #mwikitalk and #userpedia, just to hang around and barely say a thing for a long time. He usually drops by those chatrooms to report something immediate or urgent about the respectful wikis.

Fictional History

Almost 8,000 years ago, Zero was an arbiter and a supreme dragon master knight under the loyalty of God, and still is to this day. For his absolute loyalty to God, he was blessed with becoming sovereign of his own nation known as The Holy Xyzb'yr Empire. Following the teachings of God, his empire thrived and was at peace and harmony for a long time, but everything changed when the trolls attacked.

Instead of being safely escorted out of the kingdom, Zero stayed behind to make sure everybody were safely evacuated. Afterwards, he helped the army fend off the trolls. During this battle, his left eye was gauged out, right eye splashed with chemicals, right arm was completely chopped off, and was bludgeoned over the left side of his head and left bloody to die by the trolls, but he and the army did manage to drive out the trolls. After these events, Zero was in a terrible shape and the once proud Holy Xyzb'yr Empire laid in burnt ruins, but he was still loyal to God and only wish to save more people and asked God if there was still more that he can do. In response, God gave him Lumière and commanded him to go into cryogenic freeze until the right time where He will wake Zero up.

When he awoken, Zero found himself at The Badlands of The Waste where he got infected by an energy vampire, promptly killed the energy vampire. Instead of finding a cure, God told him to keep it and embrace his new abilities; God blessed him with these new abilities by removing the weaknesses of an energy vampire.

After crossing The Waste, Zero came to New Wikisburg. He created his own corporation known as Zero Corps. there, secretly made to watch and protect everyone from threats of any size. Zero created a robotic right arm, in which God blessed him again with giving him a Holy Circuit Board, a cybernetic left eye, cybernetic implants, an eyemask for his right eye, and a cybernetic left half of his brain. All for him to replace and/or fix those respective areas of his body. Today, Zero lives in a castle located in The Waste. Sometimes he will stay in the Zero Corps tower, where his private penthouse is at, or he can go to his other homes at other locations.

At one point, Zero showed so much interest in bio-engineering that he mixed his own DNA with Reaper DNA. Making him also part Reaper, but upon hearing this, the Reaper Society accepted him as a Reaper and forced him into the Reaper Academy where he learned the ways of the Reapers. After graduating, Zero pledged not to tinker with his DNA anymore.

Physical Description

Zero is a Geno look-alike with ghost-white skin standing at 1.8 metres tall and weighing 95.3 kilograms. Zero has the same clothing as Zero (from Code Geass), but the shoes have a shin-high boot shaft and are not connected to the trouser cuffs. Zero has fangs and glowing red eye since he's an energy vampire, but only his right eye glows red since the left is cybernetic and it only glows during the night, during the day it is black.

What separates Zero from other users is his robotic right arm. The hand of it highly resembles that of the Guren Mk-II's right hand. The hand of the robotic right arm is 178 millimetres across. On the palm is a red circular radiation emitter surrounded by a thin, teal ring that goes around it and then under his wrist. Covering Zero's upper spine are metal plates that get smaller the closer they are to the halfway point of the spine.

Zero has a pair of energy wings, that he can summon at will on his back anytime, which resemble the energy wings of the Lancelot Albion, except Zero's energy wings are white during the day, wine red at night, and are faintly detailed with "feathers". The wings are quite large compared to Zero's size. His left hand has what looks like a tattoo, on top his hand, of a rose (from a bird's eye view) laying on a few leaves with thorny vines sprouting in every direction of random lengths, but most prominently five of which each trail at random lengths on each of the five fingers, but is actually the marking and gift of Lumière; it is not a tattoo.

Zero has several scars: one cross-shaped scar on his left eye, three diagonal scar-slits on both sides of his neck that are really actually gills but are closed up when on land, and a stitched-up scar on his face that looks exactly like and is in the same place as Dr. Franken Stein's stitched scar. His left eye is cybernetic; it's rather faded green in color (by default, he can change the color by will). Zero wears an eyemask over his badly damaged right eye that exactly resembles Jeremiah Gottwald's eyemask, but Zero's eyemask is on his right eye. Zero can remove the eyemask, but under it there is a combination of black and red wiring and small metal plates starting roughly where his sideburns are and cresting around the eye, but not completely.

Zero's black, silky hair is similar to that of Lelouch vi Britannia's hair, but Zero's sideburns are shot back and the back of the hair reach down pass his shoulders in a V-shape. There are also three white stripes on the left side of his hair that looks exactly like the ones on Death the Kid's hair. Zero finally dons a pair of light mint-colored tendrils on his head similar to those of Lettuce Midorikawa; they are sturdy but also flexible and they reach down to his neck-line usually setting forward, but they can be stroked-back.


Zero's personality can be listed as intelligent, bad-ass, stoic, tough guy, highly experienced, flexible, daring, competitive, bold, persistent, determined, and adventurous; he is also very humorous and funny, a highly experience improvvisatori. Although on October his personality has a higher dosage of humor, as shown for pulling pranks more often, but it can be a bit sadistic with the side of a psychopathic laugh of any degree but there is really nothing to worry about.

He is well known to be a very technological guy, but he's not attached on technology; he's is far more well-known for being highly resourceful in the environment he is presented with, giving him excellent leadership skills. Zero is very optimistic with a higher than usual level of tolerance and patience, planing out and seeing through tasks with amazing results.


Zero's Jet Star

Though Zero can easily use his energy wings to fly to any location, he still uses vehicles for transportation because he likes to. Zero owns virtually every type of vehicle for every terrain: underground, underwater, road, off-road, water, air, space, and others.

Zero usually store most of these vehicles in the garage of his castle. Any vehicle Zero wants to have, that he owns, at the moment can be teleported to the Zero Corps. Tower or to his location; and back.

Zero most prized, preferred, and favorite transportation is the air ride machine Jet Star. Zero's Jet Star however has a few modifications from its Kirby Air Ride counterpart, his can fly indefinitely, the controls and stopping are easier, and its speed can be controlled; other then that, it looks pretty much like the original. Zero doesn't carry it around all the time, but when he needs it, besides teleporting it, he can simply make a certain whistle which then the Jet Star will come to him; it can even smash through obstacles if necessary. It can also compact itself small enough for Zero to put it in his pocket.

Even though he has a plethora of vehicles that he own, Zero may take public transportation; he actually enjoys the company in the aforementioned vehicles.

Powers and Abilities


*by category, then series, in chronological order (left to right)*

New Sherlock Mario Series

The Case of the Toxic Donut

Zero appeared in the first chapter of the story calling New Super Mario to tell him Mason was killed by a poisoned jelly donut while at the Donut Feast. After they find out that the jelly is actually mercury, Zero goes with them to alert all the bakeries to take the donuts off their shelves.

Zero got bored when they were field investigating where the Donut Feast took place and goes on a ride on the Ferris wheel with MrConcreteDonkey. Both see a mysterious shadow two seats ahead of them. When MrConcreteDonkey gets to that seat, there was only a suitcase with the address of a bank called "UM3000 BANK SERVICE" (which was later found out stands for UltraMario3000 BANK SERVICE) on a tag. When Zero met up with MCD, the Ferris wheel came to a slow stop because a shadowed figure broke the lever to operate the Ferris wheel. Before leaving, New Super Mario said that they'll have to stay up there until help arrives, but Zero toss the evidence at New Super Mario before he left.

Zero and MCD were forced to sleep in the Ferris wheel and when they wake up the next morning they are at the bottom. Zero finds a note on the now repaired lever, it says that NSM sent a repair man to fix it over night. When they went NSM's home, he said he never sent a repair man and that note is now a clue on their ongoing investigation, but MCD dropped it on the way to NSM's house. NSM got mad that he lost a clue. When he was finished, a hobo knocked and came into the house and gave NSM the note they lost and a jar of jelly, which is then immediately found out to be a jar of mercury.

NSM decided to investigate the bank a second time, since the first time was a failure, only in disguise. NSM is dressed as a nerd, while MCD is in a dress and high-heels wearing make-up, while Zero is dressed up as a black ninja. As MCD distracts UltraMario3000, NSM and Zero get into the safe and start looking through the archives, checking any suspicious files when Zero and NSM found a big door with the words "CRYOGENIC FREEZER. DO NOT OPEN!" on it.

Zero plays a major role in the last chapter by saving NSM and Quickie-la from UltraMario's trap. After UltraMario was arrested, NSM asked Zero to join his team, which he accepted.

The Case of the Haunted House

Zero appears in the intro, after saying a rather long poem to NSM, he tells him that there is a new case. They are sent to investigate some weird occurrences at a house on the outskirts of New Wikisburg, it was later found out that the house is infact haunted. When about to enter the house, NSM, MCD, and Zero fell through a trap door. Zero was gone missing when MCD and NSM awoken in an old bomb shelter, but he was later found in the pantry unknowingly eating pie with spider eggs as a topping, oddly enough it didn't seem to disgust him.

Several ghosts appeared and chase them in the haunted house, later they were forced to sleep in the house, and the next day Zero goes missing but was later found talking with Rocker64. When BMB's ghost pushed Zero and NSM, Zero flashed him with a flashlight which turned him into ghost dust. Later when NSM and Zero sat on a couch, it flipped backward and threw them down a slide. Zero saved Gallade, Mario Fan, NSM, MCD, and himself by escaping a closing room that has spike walls.

At the end of Chapter 10, MCD and Zero were turned into ghost. In Chapter 13, Zero was back to normal but was locked in a cage, taken hostage by N. Zero, MCD, and NSM fought against Paratroopa N when he came back. After beating him, Zero tied N to a rope to hoist up to the authorities and carried a frozen Mario Fan away. After N was arrested, Zero, NSM, and MCD went to the roof of Gallade's facility to have their reward, a lot of cookies.


Zero was briefly mentioned in Part 1, he is part of the Junior Team. He's also makes a brief appearance and is briefly mentioned Part 5. In Part 6 Zero unknowingly startled MrConcreteDonkey, in a temporary black-out, to inform him of a murder. In Part 15, Zero and the Junior Team tapped off the Sysop Tower when a bomb was reported inside. When MCD and his team were investigating New Super Mario's dead body, they were shocked to find some evidence that suggest that Zero is NSM's murderer and was manipulating evidence.


In Chapter 3, YellowYoshi398 mentioned about visiting Zero to talk about Zero Corps.' security. YY398 and Mastablasta met up with Zero, in Chapter 4, to discuss about the security protocol in the weapons department which turns out to be very brutal. During the night, on the same day, the trio pull an all-nighter in order to observe the current surveillance and the records and later find out that sock-puppets were able to get pass Zero Corps. weapon department security and get the weapons out.

As YY398 observed, Zero's office contains an aura which renders all firearms and explosive weapons useless. Zero also where protective armor to avoid being stabbed by a knife in his office.

Scorpion's Story

Zero appears in Chapter 3 (titled Absolute Zero). Here he hired Scorpion999 as a type of double-agent to capture R and bring her into the Zero Corps. Tower. When he finds out that R was hired by Iras to sabotage Zero Corps. and its projects, two sysops attack (later found out to be trolls). Zero and R, later Scorpion, all got into Zero's gunship and flew off. Zero piloted the gunship all night long until a guitar shaped ship started shooting it. A few chapters later, Zero managed to destroy the ship and save Scorpion and an unconscious Rockstar Devil from Rockstar's killer robots. When Zero sees that the island Sword Base resides on is in ruins he commands to land the ship to the neighboring island where they then swam to the Sword Base island and fought off Iras's demons. He later cried over the death of Sarai and dug a grave for her.

The Resolutions of 132

Zero briefly appeared in Chapter 31, he is the strategist for the MarioWiki army, communicating with everybody from a massive airship far away from the battle.

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Mutant Zero from Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Zero appears in the Prologue escaping the destruction of the nuclear explosion by being suspended in a cryo-tube hiding in a bunker. When he awakened, it turns out that he was turned into a mutant that could transform his body into any material he comes in contact with. After gathering a few items, he headed for New Wikisburg. When he got there, he purposely let himself get captured by a group of mutants belonging to an alliance of mutants and non-mutants called The Résistance.

The mutants later turn out to be some of his friends that have been mutated. After a fight with the mutants, he fought Sarai, which almost ended up killing her. While she was resting, Zero and the gang managed to defend the Sysop Palace, where they reside, from a large horde of zombies. Zero recognizes that the Sysop Palace is no longer a safe place to live and that they must move to a new base, he suggested the Zero Corps. Tower, but he was updated on that it was taken over by the Planks, a non-mutant militaristic organization bent on using mutant powers to conquer the world. He arranged a strategy to destroy their outer-perimeter and just wipe into the building. They manage to successfully conquer the Zero Corps. Tower and claim it, but only to see a small group of unarmed Greases coming their way.

After the proposition given to them by the Greases to join alliances, Zero and the gang agreed that it was an ambush. After supplying and a long road trip over to their base, a giant worm attack them. Zero is convinced that was the Greases' plan all along. The Greases' base look only like a large fenced-off village, but then it turned out that their base is actually underground after Molly and GalacticPetey fell into it. Fearing that Molly might be killed down there, Zero organize a new mission to rescue Molly. The Résistance managed to rescue Molly and crush the entire Greases empire. When the Zero Corps. Tower was compromised by trolls, Zero led an assault against them and drove them out just only to see Smoke telling him that their plan is not foiled.


Zero appears in Neptune's story Eight as a major protagonist. He first appeared in Chapter 3, where it was revealed he and Neptune had been on an adventure before. The chapter ends with Zero, Neptune, Willy on Wheels and Shroobario heading up to New Wikisberg.

Adventure of SK

Zero first appeared in Chapter 1 Episode 3 refusing to obey the newly promoted to Sysop Peachycakes to spam the MarioWiki, so he joins the heroes. As Zero and Neptune look for Peachycakes at a random location, suddenly Fly Guy 2 appeared right in front of them and zapped them to the future. They later join up with the rest of the gang in the future.

Later, Zero and the group were separated at different times. Zero, paired up with Neptune again, single-handily fended off four villains at once. He and Neptune find a purple jewel, that looks like a chaos emerald but later turned out to be called a Power Crystal, that teleported them to about five years to the past into Peachy's base. Zero and Neptune find a capsule containing two different colored flames, one red and one purple. They both somehow broke out and Neptune chased the purple one, while Zero chased the red one. While chasing the flame, Zero spotted the same scepter that he saw earlier, he used it to trap the flame which turns out to be Fly Guy 2 before he manifested into a physical form in the present time and the purple flame to be Dr. Javelin. They then travel to the future to meet up with the other heroes.

Zero suggested to use the power of all six Power Crystals to resurrect SK and fight the now combined Dr. Javelin and Fly Guy 2. He and Neptune later split up and found another Power Crystal. After Dr. Javelin and Fly Guy 2 were defeated, Zero is seen next to Neptune attending the Mario Awards Ceremony.

DJ User

Zero is a DJ in Scorpion999's game, DJ User. His outfit is decorated with lit-up circuitry in the clothing. According to his bio: "Only lived to learn, living on the streets, Zero started out as a street entertainer and soon, through hard work, rose to power, fame, and money and now have become an unstoppable force, a mighty scratch pervert." Zero's special move is called D.P. L.W.V., although it is unknown on what it does.

User Brawl

Zero makes The 'Shroom's Fake News's User Brawl and appeared twice in it. Zero won only one of the Brawls. Due to it interfering with a new rule at the time and some rethinking by the staff, User Brawl was canceled, rendering it as not relating to the Marioverse so much.

Good Morning Userpedia

Zero made his first sprite appearance in Pyro's daytime show, Good Morning Userpedia. He guest stared in episode 3, which aired on June 26, 2011, accusing Pyro and the crew of stealing his story idea for Extinction: Rise of the Mutants. He then decided to stick around, ultimately experiencing the utter weirdness and randomness of the show.


Seeing is disbelieving, but believing is seeing.


Zero out.


I know that I am Zero, but I'm anything but nothing.


I guess I can be the hero.

Zero777, Extinction: Rise of the Mutants






  • Zero is Christian.
  • Zero777's username derived from the main protagonist of the Code Geass anime series, Zero.
  • Zero's heading and footing "I am Zero!" and "Zero signing out." he calls it Signature Without A Signature, S.W.A.S. (pronounce "swash").
    • At one time, Zero777 accidentally wrote the footing of his S.W.A.S. as "Zero siging out."
      • Zero stop using the S.W.A.S. on March 25, 2011.
  • On the third week of April 2011, Zero's username of the Super Mario Boards was originally going to be "Yoshitaka Minami" but it wouldn't accept the name because the word "shit" was in the first part of the name.
  • According to medical records, Zero has a triple helix DNA strands.
    • Each strand now houses each specie that he is part of: Wooden Doll (X'ian) (original), Energy Vampire (infected), and Reaper (bio-engineered).

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