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Tabuu's first reboot of the 132 Series, preceded by the 132 Trilogy and succeeded by The Resolutions of 132, the final reboot.

Author's Note: The polishing of REDUX will be done quite rarely- it's the least of my current priorites.


  • "Philosophy" Arc

Chapter 1: Revenge and Nightmares
Chapter 2: The Reaper and The Philosopher
Chapter 3: I don't like guns
Chapter 4: Not over yet
Chapter 5: Evoltsul's First Strike
Chapter 6: Let's Shatter The World
Season Finale: Snake Eater

  • "Revolt" Arc

Chapter Seven: Return
Chapter Eight: Insanity
Chapter Nine: Not For Honor, But For You
Chapter Ten: Rudnicki's Invasion
Chapter Eleven: Arrival
Chapter Twelve: Redemption
Season Finale: The Kage Project

  • "Corruption" Arc

Chapter XII: The Death Understanding
Chapter XIII: Paradise Lost
Chapter XIV: Five Years Later
Chapter XV: True Death Understanding
Chapter XVI: Scarecrow
Chapter XVII: After The Funeral
Chapter XVIII: Execution of the Plan
Chapter XIX: Shatter
Chapter XX: Devour
Chapter XXI: Handlebars
Season Finale: Philistine

  • "Resurrección" Arc

Chapter Twenty-Two: Emeryl

Author's Note: Past this point, 132 REDUX was moved to XB, and was never finished.