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A Userpedia Halloween 2009 Special

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That has always been the word to describe Tabuu's parties. The entire Wiki was in his newly acquired mansion, partying like it was 1999. The shelves were lined with drinks of all kinds, ranging from the strongest alchohol to the sweetest juice, the darkest coffee to the sweetest milk. Alongside the drinks were various foods, sweet, spicy, tiny, sour, any kind and any flavor you wish to name. Arcade machines lined the walls, as well as various HD TVs, and stereos. There was a dance floor in one room, and a small ministage were Stooben Rooben and the rest of his band were playing remixes of their favorite songs. The blue pikachu known as Black Hole Sun looked rather out of character, with a grin on his face as he played his electric guitar with skills to rival the best. There was a pool just outside of the mansion, where various users were swimming in the pool (which had lights inside it, so the fact it was nighttime was little to no concern) and talking amongst themselves. It was the kind of party everyone seemed to like- wild, crazy, and fun.

Tabuu was occupied dancing with Grapes to Stoob's music on the dance floor, while Palkia was busy running throughout the whole mansion, being sure to enter rooms which specifically stated:

DO NOT ENTER (That means you, Palkia).

As you might guess, this was not listened to. Tabuu stopped mid-dance. Grapes looked at him quizically while he took out his Sony Ericcson. He snapped a photo of BHS' grinning face. Blackmail. Grapes facepalmed. "What do you plan on doing with that picture, Love?" she asked Tabuu. "♪Noooothhiiiiing.♪" He responded, stuffing his phone back into his robes, and returning to his dance.

Meanwhile, Palkia found himself inside Tabuu's bedroom. It was large like the rest of the place, and looked antique. Except for a metal door, which Palkia opened and entered. He found himself facing a device with five buttons:

○CD's Drugs

Palkia pressed the ☆ button, and the floor opened up beneath him, taking him to an underground chamber, filled with things that would interest a man's favorite body part, by which I do not mean his brain. Palkia was in love.

Meanwhile, Tabuu was doing something retarded. By retarded, I mean retarded by HIS standards, not your's. And he's a f***in' extremist. Tabuu had managed to down over one gallon of Long Island Iced Tea(A very potent drink with over 6 different kinds of alcohol combined), and was currently stumbling around the pool, accompanied by Grapes. Not so long ago, things would've been different. Grapes would be drunk, and Tabuu would supervise her.

Not this time. Screw tradition, it's a party!

Tabuu looked at the pool in front of him, and raised a microphone which was conjured seemingly from nowhere to his lips. "Hay gys I jst wannnnnna thn-tha-tank*hic* yu al for cumin to my part. I lov yu guys so fckin mch man. Ya'l ar so aweshum and-and-and-I duno just have fun and get off Turboo, Jorg." The people at the pool nodded drunkenly at his words. Grapes sighed. Everyone was going to have a headache from hell in the morning.

SonicMario stood in front of his long-time nemesis, Dance Dance Revolution Xtreme. "DANCE DANCE DANCE!" the crowd chanted to the plumberhog. SonicMario turned around drunkenly. "O-oky." He stood on the dance pad, and inserted his coins. Suddenly, a large, hulking, blue turtle came onto the next dance pad, and locked eyes with SonicMario. Porple and SonicMario inserted their coins.

This was war.

Palkia was fingering through a certain kind of magazine, when he sensed a presense in the room. None other than SLNO, his girlfriend, was standing there, arms crossed, and face angry-drunk. "I can explain." Palkia stated. SLNO smiled, and walked beside him. "I'm not m-mad. Wanna look at the-em together?" she asked drunkenly. Palkia nodded. Best girlfriend ever.

Tabuu had managed to regain his sober-ness via a deus ex machine that may or may not be explained later, and walked to Stooben. "I want you to play a song for me since I'm too cheap to hire a band, OK? Play Mindless Self Indulgence's 'Never Wanted To Dance'." Stoob grinned. "You're on." Tabuu walked to Grapes, as the song began to play, and he chanted along to it. "There is nothing you can do that I have not already done to myself there is nothing you can do that I have not already done to myself there is nothing you can do that I have not already done to myself!" Tabuu grabbed Grapes' arm forcefully, bringing her face extremely close to his. "Never wanted to dance with nobody but you!" Tabuu began a rather scandalous dance which will not be mentioned here, and began kissing Grapes in a way that'd shame a married couple. Oh god, I can't go any further.

SonicMario and Porple were dancing fiercely, both trying to beat the other. "Never wanted to dance with nobody but you now!" The band shouted. SonicMario and Porple's legs became a haze, as both were caught in a fierce Dance Dance Battle, which would forever be remembered as the most awesome DDR battle ever. The movie is coming soon to Theatres near you.

A lot of other stuff happened in that party, but I'm too lazy to describe it. All in all, SLNO fell asleep with Palkia, Porple fainted, SM broke his left leg, Tabuu made out with Grapes and later blackmailed Black Hole Sun with an incriminating picture, and everyone else had merry fun and whatnot. One author can only do so much, man. I'm not typing all that.

(A./N. Nothing in here belongs to me, except myself, Grapes, and my secret access room which she still hasn't found.)

Thank you all for reading this coffee-induced rant, and please review. Peace. -Tabuuownsall132x2