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<Derpy_Hooves> anton{hypnotoad} hypnotizes nearby beachgoers with his own in-ground pool"
"<Derpy_Hooves> anton{hypnotoad} hypnotizes crash again!"
"<Derpy_Hooves> anton{hypnotoad} hypnotizes crash to buy things from portal 2!"
"<Derpy_Hooves> anton{hypnotoad} hypnotizes some frogs to complain about mason"
"<Derpy_Hooves> anton{hypnotoad} hypnotizes crash to buy flantasy flan d:<"
"<Derpy_Hooves> anton{hypnotoad} hypnotizes crash to think he's root beer

Derpy_Hooves detailing a typical day for Anton
FE AntonBishop.png
Rank Rank
Species Depending on what's going on:
  • Hypnotoad
  • Magikoopa
  • Politoed
Join date
Gender Male
Likes Cuttlefish, Pokémon, Photography, Super Smash Bros., Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Chex Mix
Dislikes Trolling, Meanies
Age 22 -- July 10, 1991

Anton (also known as Hypnotoad, Anton{Hypnotoad}, PsychoKamek, Politoed, and various combinations thereof) is a Steward of Userpedia, an Administrator of the UP Forum, as well as a dedicated chatroom Operator for #mwchat and #userpedia, and several other channels. He is also the owner of #pokemon.


  • Anton has a fairly long history outside of Mariowiki and Userpedia, which he will describe in a very long rant whenever he's asked if he has the time. He discovered the chatroom #mariowiki when a few members of MarioWiki raided #pokemon shortly after he had first received operator status. As rules were broken, he banned almost everyone that took part in the raid, except Jorge, Castle Toad, Palka47, and a few others. Eventually he, and another #pokemon operator, Kairi, who was widely and falsely believed by the Mariowiki community to be his girlfriend, followed them back to their home base out of curiosity in June 2009, where he lurked for weeks as he got used to a new community. Other users who were first to join were Brock and Otakun. Over the next few months, the users of both communities integrated with each other.
  • He was promoted to Chatroom Operator in late 2010.
  • He decided to join Userpedia on May 27, 2011, having realized that he didn't have the account he thought he had.
  • He was married to Neptune99 by SMB on July 2nd, 2011, in a beautiful 3-line ceremony that will be remembered by all present in #mwchat. Just over a year later, they had a mutual breakup, but still remain great friends.
  • During the final weeks of August 2011, Anton became part of all three Featured Committees (Article, Fiction, and Image) as one of the steps to help build Userpedia back up to its former glory. On October 19, 2011, he was promoted to Sub-Director of the Featured Article Committee, and by January 2012, Anton was made Co-Director of the Featured Image Committee, along with Edofenrir.
  • He was promoted to Patroller on August 29th, 2011, by Edofenrir. He claims that this decision isn't the result of any form of hypnosis, and that anyone suspicious of the swirly eyes of those who made the decision are recommended to schedule a session with Anton to help convince them otherwise.
  • On the fateful night of March 2nd, 2012, Anton was granted extraordinary administrative powers by Super Mario Bros. and became a Sysop.
  • On September 3rd, 2012, Anton managed to "coax" a mushroom from SMB, leveling up to an Assistant Administrator on the UP Forums.
  • On November 18th, he and Crash were promoted to Steward, replacing SMB after 3 years of service.

Character and Personality

Anton's outfit is a very shoddy ripoff of Psycho Kamek because of a common interest in hypnosis, as well as robes being very stylish, comfortable, and easy to remove. Occasionally, Hypnotoad will use his knowledge of obscure facts, absorbed from countless hours of sitting in front of the television and computer, to go into detailed and in-depth rants, often at the expense of the stomachs of everyone within listening range. Subjects usually consist of weird medical oddities, cephalopods, and ghost Pokémon.

Anton also comes off as a rather grumpy and stern Operator, slamming the rules mercilessly into the faces of the ignorant, but to those he is close to he is fiercely loyal and tries his best to be kind and accommodating. Around friends he can be quite goofy, blabbering endlessly about common interests, as well as partaking in his favorite pastime--playfully pestering people over and over and over.

Go Team Chex Mix!

Anton is also part of Team Chex Mix, an exploration team also formed by Charmander and Bulbasaur. After a power struggle and much debate, he was deemed the leader of the guild as he is the most evolved.


  • Hypnosis - His most commonly used ability, he can hypnotize people with his eyes, usually making a "whir whir" sound. He can also cast hypnosis with his wand. When he finally hypnotizes someone, he often gets confused with what he wants them to do and settles on making them dance. Sometimes he accidentally hypnotizes himself.
  • Telekinesis - He gained this ability as a birthday wish. Although not used often, he uses it mainly to cause more chaos than good.
  • Tackle - He is particularly good at tackling, something that Doomy knows far too well.
Water Absorb
Anton Lv.0
Psychic Status
Water Gun
Water Special
Normal Physical
Normal Status


The Three Mushketeers

Hypnotoad appeared in a bunch of issues, serving both major and minor roles. The Issues he is portrayed in are 73, 74, 76, 78, 83, 94, 98, 99, 100, and 101. He is seen with a Magikoopa and a Wizzerd. He blows out Solar Blaze in Issue 73 after mistaking him for a torch. In Issue 76, he and his two companions are found unconscious. They are then seen recovering by sleeping in their beds in Issue 78.

User Soup

Hypnotoad appeared in episodes 47, 54, 60, and 64. In episode 47, he is featured as a birthday guest, where he acquired his telekinesis ability, almost immediately using it to slam Jorge with a heavy metal box.

Uniju Holiday Theater

Hypnotoad appears in a few panels of The Argentinean Beef Ribs Day Disaster. He is seen on a beach discussing missing brain bits with 2257 until he receives a gravely important call from Uniju.

Anton the 5th Mushketeer

ATFM Logo, where his rarely seen glorious locks are revealed.

Hypnotoad is set to appear as the titular main character in this direct sequel to Mason's comic The Three Mushketeers, where he takes the place of Mason as the Magikoopa of the heroic trio following Mason's slip into insanity.

Typical Tragedy

Hypnotoad joins the party in the first chapter of Part II as Tabuu's adoptive older brother. In Chapter 26 - Black, Pantaro catches Anton in the middle of a suspicious phone call, but is quickly tricked and hypnotized into forgetting. In the next chapter he leaves the party and is later seen speaking to somebody on the phone, arranging the party's meeting with Nabber.



Both of them being Magikoopas, they naturally get along well. In the time that Mason and Anton have known each other, they have built a very trusting friendship. They talk about anything and everything, helping each other when times are bad, and goofing around together for the rest of it.


22 and Anton are mysteriously very similar, as revealed from time to time in conversations between the two. It is theorized that this is the reason they're very close friends, able to share details about themselves so easily. There is barely anything that can be said publicly, though.


Anton looks up to Edo for advice with art, life, and other assorted things. They help each other out with issues when they pop up, as well as chat casually about regular things often. This is allegedly a ruse to make people think that both Edo and Anton are normal people, while secretly being buffoons, but no real evidence has been put forward.


"I'd like you to know what type of man he was. He was a man of good will, who could think for himself. Being married to Neptune99 for about a year has taught me what creativeness is. Neptune was a man of brilliance, ever since he first came to the wiki. A good man, who has been with us for over 5 years, which is more than most wikians can even dream of. Though he has made many mistakes in the past, many big mistakes, in reality, he was a fantastic man, who rose to becoming sysop of userpedia, before his untimely death. He wasn't human. He was better than that. He was Neptune99."


A typical day for Anton and Crash.

Crash, along with hordes of beachgoers for some strange reason, is often a victim of Anton's hypnoshenanigans. It is still unknown what would occur if any of these beachgoers were Crash, but it is believed that it will cause some sort of hypnotic black hole, drawing people in with swirlies and shiny things as opposed to intense gravity. It is highly recommended to bar Crash from ever visiting beaches again in his life unless he intends on being completely submerged in sand. Due to him constantly being under Anton's hypnosis, Crash is considering making a hypnotism-proof mask, which will most certainly ruin all fun. Nevertheless, Anton and Crash are good friends.


Despite having started off pretty roughly, Anton and Tabuu now have a close and trusting relationship, with Tabuu looking up to Anton as a big brother figure. Just like true brothers, they get into spats every now and then, but are able to make up soon enough.


Anton helps N64Dude out with math every now and then, as well as alert each other whenever they're eating sushi.


"Anton seems to be a mighty fine lad. His promotion is a result of consensus reached by the staff, and is in no way related to hypnosis of any kind. Everything else you might have heard is a hateful fabrication. All glory to the Hypnotoad! All of it!"

Edofenrir's reason for promoting Hypnotoad to Patroller

"Anton{WorkToad} soothes 22 by rubbing salami along the sides of his arms~"
"_2257: what o_o"
"Anton{WorkToad}: are you relaxed?~~~"
"_2257: no :("
"Anton{WorkToad}: D: !!"
"Anton{WorkToad} begins to dice up some olive loaf"
"Anton{WorkToad} mixes it up with some plain yogurt, and rubs it on top of 22's head"
"Anton{WorkToad}: how about now?!"
"_2257: no :("
"Security_Lady: 2257 did you"
"Adrian_Andrews: why are you trying to turn my 2257 into some sort of salad >:("
"Anton{WorkToad}: D':"
"Security_Lady: just had sex"
"Security_Lady: with someone because"
"Anton{WorkToad}: I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP D':"
"Security_Lady: there's some white"
"Security_Lady: ugh"
"Anton{WorkToad} picks up Edo and rubs him against 22"
"Anton{WorkToad}: !!!?"
"_2257: uh"
"_2257: no"
"_2257: oh,"
"_2257: you can do that"
"Anton{WorkToad}: :) !!!"
"Adrian_Andrews gets bits of salami and yoghurt all over himself"
"Adrian_Andrews: ><"
"Adrian_Andrews: fuuuuuu"
"Anton{WorkToad}: there, now you don't need to go to the kitchen for a snack"
"_2257: hi edo!!"
"Adrian_Andrews: hi"
"Adrian_Andrews: i am a walking buffet"
"_2257: is this erotic?"
"_2257: oh, walking"
"Adrian_Andrews: no, its just messy"
"_2257: thought that said wanking"
"Anton{WorkToad}: lol"
"Adrian_Andrews uses anton as some sort of unshapely towel"
"Anton{WorkToad}: good thing it's plain yogurt"
"Anton{WorkToad} stands triumphantly as his white robes show no stains"
"_2257: unshapely??"
"_2257: i dunno, hes pretty shapely"
"*** Mason_ joined"
"Anton{WorkToad}: on certain days, I'm part jello"
"Anton{WorkToad}: hi mason"
"Adrian_Andrews: did you know that antons robe has the exact texture and absorbing...ness to be excellently suited for removing yoghurt?"
"_2257: INVASION"
"*** Mason_ quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)"
"_2257: FLEEEE-- oh ok"
"Adrian_Andrews: I bet his robe wasnt even white when he bought it"
"_2257: yes"
"Adrian_Andrews: no"
"Anton{WorkToad}: my robes were originally black LIKE MY SOOOOOOUL

A pretty typical conversation between Anton, 22, and Edo

Hypnotoad wiggles his way under SonicMario"
"Hypnotoad: YOU'RE A HAT"
"Hypnotoad: MY HAT"
"Hypnotoad  :D"
"DocScratch_MoTOE: ok it's official"
"DocScratch_MoTOE: Anton is from Wonderland"
"DocScratch_MoTOE: he's crazy

Count Bonsula realizing just how crazy Hypnotoad is

Mason: Magikoopas don't have hair /anotherlameexcuse"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < we only have your word for it"
"Mason: lol"
"Mason: actually we don't know if they don't have hair"
"Mason: kammy has hair"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < yes"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < you do too"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < so they probably do have hair"
"Hypnotoad: it's just under the hat"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < yes"
"Hypnotoad: Kamek just probably looks bald because he's an old fart"
"Hypnotoad flails around"
"Mason: Actually I guess hair is a common koopa thing"
"Mason: bowser, ludwig... all the koopalings EXCEPT WENDY? WTF"
"Mason: shouldn't wendy be the one WITH hair"
"Mason: (sexism)"
"Hypnotoad:((maybe it's not on her head o: ))"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < shes uh"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < shes a tomboy"
"Mason: oh god anton"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < also"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < not all of them have hair"
"Mason: you just put a really weird image of her in a bathtub"
"Hypnotoad: :D"
"Mason: shaving hair off places I didn't know koopas had"
"Hypnotoad: between their toes"
"Mason: crusty toenails and hobbit hair feet on wendy"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < ..."
"ralphfanZzzzz: What"
"ralphfanZzzzz: I just woke up"
"ralphfanZzzzz: That's the first thing I see"
"arsenicCatnip: :33 < remind me not to listen to two magikoopas having a conversation about hair again

Hypnotoad and Mason discussing the physiology of Koopas, unfortunately for Bonesy and Ralphfan

Derpy_Hooves: anton{hypnotoad} hypnotizes crash"
"apocalypseArisen: No not agai-"
"apocalypseArisen: @_@"
"Anton{Hypnotoad}: hooray!


"Mason: IS ANTON <3"
"Mason: i don't expect it to be mutual or anything f"
"Remilia_Bloody_Scarlet: Anton has hypnotized Mason."
"Remilia_Bloody_Scarlet: He's got yet another slave."
"Hypnotoad: who what"
"Hypnotoad: :O"
"Hypnotoad: omg yay <33"
"Hypnotoad: does his best to conceal his hypno things <_<

Hypnotoad's plot to hypnotize Mason is revealed!

Rise_Up_Above_It: oh god"
"Rise_Up_Above_It: looking into the hypnotoad eyes"
"Hypnotoad: *makes his eyes all swirly and hypnotic and such*"
"Hypnotoad: !!"
"16:41 *** Rise_Up_Above_It quit (Quit: Leaving) Rise_Up_Ab@wke8-xapb0-2-4-hlhe672.6-1.cable.virginmedia.com"
"Hypnotoad: oh god his brain is already beginning to melt

Doomy's brain being melted by some stray hypnosis



  • His favorite games are the Pokémon series, Yoshi’s Island, and the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • His favorite Pokémon types are Ghost and Water, particularly Politoed and Froslass.
  • His favorite Super Smash Bros. characters are Ness and Lucas.
  • His favorite animal is the Flamboyant Cuttlefish.
  • According to Derpy_Hooves, Hypnotoad can hypnotize nearby beachgoers with his own in-ground pool.

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