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|title= Miles Guillot
|image= [[Image:Tvtrashup.png|250px]]
|rank= [[User]]
|species= Human
|join= 2012, 2013
|gender= Male
|allies= [[BabyLuigiOnFire#LeftyGreenMario|LeftyGreenMario]]
|likes= Video Games, Computers, Claymation, Spongebob Squarepants, Arthur, Luigi, Rosalina, LuigixRosalina, Waluigi, WaluigixDaisy, Forums, MC Ballyhoo, Doraemon, Suneo Honekawa
|dislikes= [[BabyLuigiOnFire]], Daisy, LuigixDaisy, WaluigixRosalina, MarioxRosalina
|aliases=Suneo Honekawa, DemonicChair2002, MC Ballyhoo, DisneyJuice, Miles G., realspritesmanship, OrangeBooloon
|age= 17
{{Quote|You're gonna get it.|TVTrash's running gag}}
'''TVTrash''' is a user on the Super Mario Wiki, Smash Wiki, Youtube, Wikia, and Wikipedia. He has been on each since 2012(Except for Wikia, in which he joined in 2013.) He recently had a running gag where he says "You're gonna get it" and pulls up a 500 pixel size artwork of Rosalina(His favorite Mario character).

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This page was vandalized by Hypnotoad!