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|image= [[File:Goombas_Shoe_Artwork.png‎|center|250px]]
|username=Goomba's Shoe15
|species=[[mw:Goomba|Goomba]], [[mw:Buzzy Beetle|Buzzy Beetle]], [[mw:Snifit|Snifit]], Waddle Doo
|rank= Site Order
*MarioWiki- Autopatrolled
*Userpedia- User
|join= September 2008
|likes= Goomba's Shoes, Buzzy Beetles, Snifits, having conversations with [[Troll]]s as he undoes their edits, being an op in [[UltraMario]]'s chatroom, deoping himself in Ultrmario's chatroom for fun
|age= Unknown
{{quote|I Goomba’s Shoe15 pledge to be the classiest person in any forum at all times. For I am Goomba’s Shoe15 and I approve this message.|Goomba's Shoe15}}
'''Marshal Dan Troop''' or more commonly known as '''Goomba's Shoe15''', and previously known as '''Iggykoopa''' and '''Mega Morg''' on the forums, is a user of the [[Super Mario Wiki]], and is currently one of its most active contributors, ranking the 8th highest contribution score in MarioWiki history by putting categories on different pages.
Goomba's Shoe15 joined the MarioWiki as Iggykoopa in September 2008, having been a guest for a few months. Shortly after, he began voting on proposals (although, admittedly, he can barely understand anything he said when he voted or made comments, since his grammar was so bad) and making minor edits. Less than a month into his MarioWiki career, he created 4 [[Sockpuppet]]s, in an attempt to win a proposal. All 4 were banned, and Iggykoopa was given a warning. Iggykoopa then picked a fight with the Wiki's users, over their merging habits, and was soon [[Block]]ed for a week for flaming [[Super-Yoshi]], among others. After his block expired, Iggykoopa left the wiki, only to return in September 2009, where he proceeded to flame the Wiki, calling it "retarded" and "a waste of time". [[Time Q]] then blocked him for 6 months.
After going on a nearly 2 year [[Hiatus]], Iggykoopa, once again, returned out of nowhere in March 2011, this time, however, Iggykoopa was different. He was now [[Reformed]] and became a more friendly and productive user. Less than a month into his return, wanting to start off fresh, Iggykoopa changed his name to Goomba's Shoe15. Along with the name change came a change in personality; Goomba's Shoe15 became a more relaxed user, who wished to see all of the rules upheld, and disliked to see users break them. However, this didn't stop him from waging edit wars, and getting into feuds with other users, which he did from time to time. Goomba's Shoe15 began to spend the vast majority of his time on the MarioWiki, usually making minor edits, with the goal to get his name on the Top Contributor list, which he would eventually get to do.
Recently Goomba's Shoe15 has been fighting with trolls, more specifically LORDKIWI. who he had a nearly 10 minute long back-and-forth conversation with, as he undid his edits, and Plumber690, whom is permabanned but has made more than 10 sockpuppets since his permaban in June. Goomba's Shoe15 takes credit for reporting 4 of these sockpuppets to the admins, resulting in their immediate block: this action has caused Plumber690's sockpuppets to troll him by giving him warnings for being a sockpuppet of Kaptain K Rool (an account he has two years seniority over), as well as attempting to ban him for sockpuppeting, disturbing the admins and accusing innocent users of being sockpuppets. All of these things have been overturned, and the sockpuppets have been banned, but, as of now Goomba's Shoe15 is sure Plumber690 will be back, and he can't wait to resume their game of tag with him. Recently he changed is name to Raven Effect before falling into a state of semi-activeness. Than on March 5th 2012 he married [[Bop1996]] after failing to marry [[Smasher]] the night before. He divorced Bop 3 days later and then married [[QuizmoManiac]] a couple months later. Then he bought a board on the [[The Xephyr Board]] a board dedicated to fighting crime and stopping evil.
As Iggykoopa, he was a douche, who felt he was always right. When he came back for the first time, in 2009, he was an even bigger douche, who now flamed the Wiki because he thought it was a waste of time. When he came back for the third time, he had changed his ways, having matured, and now being a calmer, more relaxed user. As Goomba's Shoe15, he became nicer to other users, and he became very passionate about following the rules, and trying to uphold them. He also began trying to help other users when they fought with each other, on occasion, and tried to give other users advice, since he was older than most of them. He was still hot-headed,  however, and continued to get in edit wars and fight with other users, although he did not do this very often. When fighting a troll, Goomba's Shoe15 takes a more comical approach to it by having conversations with them as he undoes their edits, as well as flat out telling them that they're wasting their time since all the edits will just be undone anyway. Recently he changed his username to Raven Effect but is still called Goomba's Shoe15 by most users. On the forums he rather different being much more random and fun loving than on the wiki, however his comments as well as his love of the :posh: Smiley has annoyed some people who complained about his spamming of the :posh: smiley (although he thinks they're just jealous of his classiness.) On chat he is even more fun loving often times role playing that he his favorite Superhero Ambush Bug and claiming that he is on the look out for criminals.
==Relationships with other Users==
Although the two have never really interacted with each other on the MarioWiki Goomba's Shoe15 and theguywithtwohats are very close friends in real life. And although theguywithtwohats is a minor [[vandal]] Goomba's Shoe15 personally thinks that if theguywithtwohats actually cared that he would make a 10 times better user than Goomba's Shoe 15.
== Quotes ==
{{quote|Man i wish i was an admin on the Mario Wiki than i'd get all the poontang.|Goomba's Shoe15}}
{{quote|The Number 11 is officially the sexiest number in the world.|Goomba's Shoe15 on the forums|Goomba's Shoe15}}
{{quote|NOBODY TELLS ME WHATS CLASSY AND WHATS NOT CLASSY FOR I AM THE CLASSIEST PERSON IN THIS FORUM:posh:<br>I don't even think there are word that define how random and stupid this is. Oh, wait, I got it. It's called "Rudnicki-ish".|Dr. Javelin responding to something Goomba's Shoe15 said on the forums|Goomba's Shoe15}}
File:FileGoomba'sShoe15.png|Sprites of Goomba's Shoe15, made by [[UltraMario3000]].
File:GS15.png|Goomba's Shoe15's Buzzy Beetle form known on the streets as Sir MC Buzzington van Buzzfeld the Third.
File:Buzzybeetles'shoe15.png|Sprites of Goomba's Shoe15's Buzzy Beetle form.
File:Goomba's_Shoe_15.PNG‎|The many moves of King Snifit von Richards the IV
File:Iggykoopa.PNG‎|Goomba's Shoe15 back when he was a simple Iggy Koopa.
File:Waddle_Doo's_Shoe15.png‎|Goomba's Shoe15 as a Waddle Doo named Chuck the Waddle Doo
File:I_have_a_plan.JPG|Goomba's Shoe15 is quite fond of telling [[Smasher]] that I HAVE A PLAN
File:Mrsatoey - Shroom Issue LXXV.png|Artwork of Shoey
File:Captainstoey - Shroom Issue LXXV.png|Artwork of Shoey, as seen in [[The 'Shroom]]: Issue LXXV
*Goomba's Shoe15 enjoys using the :posh: smiley on the forums since he feels they make his posts classy.
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