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Userpedia's old logo.

Userpedia (also referred to as UP) is a User-based wiki that displays comics, fan fictions, games, and sprites. As far as the encyclopedia goes, however, it is a tie-in to the MarioWiki. There have been several Userpedias (estimated at thirteen) on different sites founded by different people.



Userpedia was first presented as Users Wiki to be co-founded by Master Crash and Plumber after Wayoshi thought that the User Comics were taking over the MarioWiki and so, Users had to decide on another place to put their comics. However, Plumber declined to creating Users Wiki, being too busy already with Fantendo, and did not think he could cope with owning another one. The Users Wiki was later founded by Master Crash and Dry Bones (The Missing Link), who accepted the proposition. Another Userpedia, called Mario Wiki Userpedia, or Mwuserpedia was founded by Xzelion and Sadaharu. Users Wiki was eventually merged into Mwuserpedia after Xzelion, Sadaharu, and Max2 spammed it into submission. Another Userpedia was founded by an unknown person (possibly Plumber, but he doesn't even remember himself) at Editthis, and it never had one article about users, being a scrapped project. Userpedia II was founded by Sadaharu to combat the image space problems, but it was deemed impertinent a minute later and scrapped.

Scribblewiki Userpedia: The Golden Era

The users at Mwuserpedia were beginning to face a problem with lack of image space. After some discussion, the users tried externally hosting their images, but that failed because no images could be displayed on any pages. Userpedia was later going to move to Fantendo, but it was decided that UnMario would be a better host, as UnMario was now abandoned and empty. All but four of the UnMario articles were deleted to make room for the move, but ultimately Xzelion decided that Scribblewiki, which had unlimited image space, would be a better host after Shroobario showed it to him. UnMario was then restored by dedicated editors.

The Scribblewiki Userpedia had its articles imported from the old Userpedia, and standardized the wiki's name officially to Userpedia. Several MarioWiki systems didn't work on Scribblewiki Userpedia, such as Whosonline and true Rename, but people learned to live with it. In fact they were so satisfied that most users started to concentrate more on Userpedia than MarioWiki. This created a "Golden Era" of Userpedia. Wayoshi had plans to close Userpedia and cancel Userpedia since it was stealing so many users, but he realized there was no way to close it down and the users would never stop going to Userpedia.

RapidRocker later made a New Userpedia on Scribblewiki.com to rival the current Userpedia due to his hating its Sysops. Many Users took this as an excuse to spam the Wiki, something that continued until Murzon joined. Murzon began to plot a spam attack on Userpedia while at UnUserpedia, with the "help" of several other "trolls" such as RapidRocker, Willy on Wheels, Peachycakes, and RudnickiMarioX06 (actually user spies). The spies successfully found out Murzon's plot and stopped him before he could do any harm. After Murzon left, the real RapidRocker returned and passed the Wiki over to Looigi1up. Master Lucario also made an UnUserpedia as a parody, however it soon died, and a similar site was created by 1337Yoshi, HyperToad, and Cobweb for Fantendo, called Usertendo.

The Fall of Userpedia

Eventually, in late September 2008, however, Scribblewiki was attacked by a virus and temporarily shut down. The Scribblewiki webmasters desperately tried to fight off the glitch, but to no avail. The server soon crashed forever and all ScribbleWikis became extinct. Nearly all content was lost, which, among other things, resulted in the cancellation of almost all comics. Userpedia then split up into many factions.

Eventually, 1337Yoshi, Cobweb, and the sysops of two small recently-created user wikis decided to merge and find one Userpedia again. Userpedia soon found a new home on an abandoned Wikia Userpedia Shroobario had created. The more dedicated Userpedians swiftly went to work at rescuing articles from the crashed Scribblewiki, as well as the old Mwuserpedia, while others retired from Userpedia, such as Plumber and Beanbean.

Though not much time had passed, many users and Sysops became fed up with Wikia. Because Wikia was causing several problems (such as constantly being spammed by Trolls, having no CheckUser, among others) users began to retire. The Sysops knew this had to stop. After a few weeks, Stooben Rooben was eventually able to create a Userpedia that ran on MediaWiki; however, he was unable to publish the site, so it was completely inaccessible. He, along with Pokemon DP and Palkia47 created a new Userpedia on Editthis, only to realize that image uploading had been completely disabled. It almost seemed as if this would be the death of Userpedia until 1337Yoshi found a Wiki Farm known as Referata. Stooben, 1337Yoshi, and Pokemon DP all teamed up to create a Userpedia on Referata. The site looked almost perfect, for there were many actions users could perform on this wiki. However, Userpedia later moved yet again back to Wikia due to severe complaints.


In the meantime, Walkazo took over the Referata Userpedia and decided that fanon and "fun stuff" had to go. Along with Smiley The Hun and Bob-omb buddy, she proceeded to delete what little images there were left from the old Userpedia that had been stored on Referata. After ScribbleWiki crashed, many changes took place in the two months it took to stabilize. Many users retired from all the ruckus and only the most devoted stayed and were mostly granted sysophood as a result. Several users tried using Wikia as the new server during January.

Eventually Stooben Rooben became the leader of UP referata and that wiki began to accumulate content. One day, however, Rudnicki hacked Stooben Rooben's account and took over the wiki. The content was all replaced with vandalism and spam and no users were there to stop it. Eventually the wiki changed ownership several times until it came to a rest. Eventually the founder of referata, Yaron Koren, deleted the wiki and Marioguy1 recreated it so that all users who went there would know where to look for the new userpedia.

The Dark Ages

After some time, in the beginning of 2009, Neurario got Userpedia its own domain at Adriels, which seems to be as good as Scribblewiki. Some users began to rejoin and the wiki slowly began to shape up. However, it still had a pathetically small amount of comics, and the wiki was having a hard time adjusting to its small community. Neurario had a breakdown, and left the wiki. His anger and hatred at the users before leaving temporarily united the community against him, though when Neurario apologized everyone started fighting with each other again. The wiki, however, had no one to rally behind, no one to lead them into a peaceful era like that of Scribblewiki; Ultima Bahamut and Stooben Rooben, despite both claiming to run the wiki, were barely active; Neurario was half worshipped, half despised by the community; and while a good deal of the community followed Uniju, he was completely unimpressed by what Userpedia had become and was rather inactive.

Stooben Rooben eventually made a highly dramatic return, promoted several users, announced his plan to create a new, better Userpedia forum, and took announced to the wiki that he would be more active.

Jorge Hack Incident and New Leaders

On October 4, 2009, at approximately 9 pm Eastern, Jorge, with help from Turboo hacked into Tabuu's account. He then began to delete all of Userpedia using DPL query. However, after he went through pages beginning with the letter L, he began to delete them manually. However, Stooben Rooben stopped him by using CheckUser and then demoted him. Over the next few hours, the sysops, along with Tucayo, Turboo and Marioguy1, who were promoted for the occasion, restored all the articles. Jorge was then banned from Userpedia and de-opped on the Chat. The night became known as the "Jorge Hack Incident", although he did not really hack into Tabuu's account and instead guessed his password.

Whether the event was good for Userpedia or not has been debated by many users. Some users, such as Stooben Rooben and Scarecrow von Steuben say that Jorge had bad intentions for Userpedia. However, others, such as Paper Jorge himself and several supporters, argued that it made the wiki more active and ended up helping Userpedia.

Eventually, Stooben became more focused on other sites, such as the Super Mario Wiki and The Xephyr Board. He eventually retired from the Userpedia wiki, and promoted Scarecrow as the new Steward on the wiki and Uniju as the new Administrator of the forum.

Current Admins

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